What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last weekend was a complete write-off. I didn't play a single goddamn video game.

This weekend, things are gonna change.

What am I playing? Dark Soul III of course. I'm still around the 10 hour mark. Loving it so far. It's gonna be a big ask, I think, for Dark Souls III to match Bloodborne, but it's running it pretty close at the moment.

I'll be doing my level best to plow through as much of the game as possible.

What are you playing?


    Fallout 4 and Alice with maybe some dark souls grinding in there

    Stikbold, Enter the Gudgeon, Division.... That should do...

    Still trying to finish The Witness... that game does my head in sometimes..

    Otherwise I'll be in The Division to do the dailies at least.

    Yay i got in early to this for a change =P

    Not much time for gaming this weekend but i'll probably play a bit of Rogue Legacy and Blazblue Calamity Trigger which i'm really enjoying so far (got it with a bundle of other games ages ago).

    I'm also playing through MOH: Warfighter which's been alright so far.

    Oh I'm definitely going to get cracking on Pokken Tournament, I'm going to finally start MGS5, and even try and beat the last DLC boss of Bloodborne.

    Who am I kidding, I'm probably going to be stuck into more Miitomo. Yikes.

      The last DLC boss is where I am atm. He is... not fun.

    Parenthood most likely. Anyone know how to quit that game? or at least pause it for a while?

      Send them to school. Oh crap: holidays just started.

      I'm outta ideas.

    Didn't manage to start and finish Witcher 3 last weekend. This weekend for sure. If I don't get distracted by PS+ games. Seriously: Shutshimi. What even is it? And why did I waste 2 hours playing it last night!?

      I played A Virus Named Tom last night. It's basically a mobile game. Seriously, some of the stuff that gets onto PS+ these days... sigh.

    Quantum Break and Dirt Rally, will probably squeeze some Rocket League in too.

      I'm playing Quantum Break as well! I've only finished the first act so far - still waiting for the rest of it to install.

        First act was good. On a side note I went through hell getting it to install. Ended up leaving it overnight after a failed attempt day one.

          How big it is? I am planning to download this weekend. I guess I have to stick with division meanwhile.

            Sorry for the late reply, probably already done the download! It was between 15-20 gig from memory.

              That's okay. Hope you are finding it fun, I am missing MP game style while playing this game.

    I will be playing Dark Souls. Never finished in the past so putting the code that came with Dark Souls III to good use.

    This post is just a way for Mark to stick it to everyone the fact that he gets to play Dark Souls 3.

      I know right, what a bastid....

    Retro games until I have Dark Souls 3.

    Xevious and Mercs ;)

      You should pick up Hyper Light Drifter, nostalgia while still feeling fresh.

    I'm in between games at the moment until DaSo III so I don't really know. Maybe I'll try to actually progress a little in Demon's Souls (I've only ever defeated the first few bosses), although I have a bunch of small games I could knock off. There will be a bunch of Bravely Second though.

    Diablo 3 and Fallout 4.

    Just started my second character in Fallout 4 so I'm hoping to get her nice and leveled up in time for Far Harbour next month.

    Back into Halo 5. They've done a bunch of updates that make it worth diving back into.

    Just picked up endless legend from steam on sale. And probably some division, gota get those phoenix credits.

    I spent last weekend cleaning and didn't paly anything either, so I plan to continue with Sleeping Dogs and start my replay of The Wolf Among Us since it went free on XBL Games with Gold. I've wanted to replay it anyway, but now I get to earn achievements!

    Fall of the Samurai! Just started but it feels harder than Shogun 2's campaigns...

    Now up to Chapter 6 of Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. Going to try and finish it off this weekend, although it just seems to soak up time somehow.

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I started playing it seriously during the week, and it has me hooked. Mainly because of Midna.

    Probably more Grim Dawn. Haven't picked up anything new in a while.

    I'm sorry that's just cruel - I want to play Dark Souls III so much - somebody break street date!!

    In its stead I'm still trudging through its predecessor - having lit 3 of primal bonfires I am now in the shaded woods fighting ghost I can't lock onto!

      Yeah. That part is a bit tricky. You have to make sure that you shoot them with enough plasma before you throw down the trap, but most importantly, don't cross the streams.

    Hey Mark are you gonna make a new character when the game is officially released in Au?

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