Blizzard Is Still Really Good At This Cinematic Stuff

Blizzard Is Still Really Good At This Cinematic Stuff

I’d watch a Blizzard made movie about Overwatch that was just cinematics like this. I would. They are really, really good at this stuff.

This video is designed to get people onboard with the new Overwatch open beta that starts this week. I recommend taking part because I think Overwatch is pretty great.

But yeah, I feel like Blizzard has really been pushing the boundaries on its cinematic work with Overwatch. I legit want feature or episode length stuff like this.


  • They’ve always done incredible cinematics, but the Overwatch stuff is just even more remarkable because it’s so outside their normal stuff. Instead of gritty/realistic, we got Pixar-esque stuff of a comparable quality. Really great stuff. Loving the character lineup too. A lot of variety and diversity without feeling like a token gesture.

  • I have always thought they should try making a movie… wait…that is happening! Bit nervous about how it will turn out.

    • Should be good… I mean they kicked Sam Raimi off because his vision wasn’t in line with theirs and the new guy they got in seemed to be in sync with them, it’s good they’re in the quality control with it. If it’s good enough for Blizzard!

    • I’m optimistic. As long as it’s not shit, and people remember it’s the Warcraft movie, not the World of Warcraft movie, it should at least turn out OK.

  • Seriously why does this game not have a campaign? It looks like such a unique world full of engaging characters but I’m never going to bother playing it if it’s MP-only. Seems like wasted potential to me.

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