Damn Nintendo, Back At It Again With The Mario Vans

Wearing video game themed shoes — or socks for that matter — is not a thing I want to be doing.

But Damn Nintendo, this Vans collaboration... actually looks really cool.

I'm tempted.

These photos come via 43einhalb. According to SoleCollector, this collection is launching in June.

See, you'd think this sort of thing would be terrible. But it's actually not!

I would absolutely consider looking like a weird 34 year old man wearing these. I would consider it. Then my wife would tell me I look silly. And we'd have an argument, which I would lose. But I would keep wearing the shoes anyway and get a divorce. Then I would live on the street but it would matter because I'd still have these cool Nintendo Vans.

You can check out more of the collection here


    would be weird for a middle aged white male with a beard to rock Pink Peach Vans?

      Considering some of the shit I see the younger generation wearing these days... I think you'll be fine lol

      god that statement made me feel realy old haha

    if it was Tiger shoes... you would've had me.

    Maybe the NES ones. Maybe.

    But probably not.

    I would actually probably wear these lol

    The 43einhalb site has pulled all of the Nintendo shoes off their site :( Guessing accidental leak on their behalf :(

    What's with all the scoffing at them? These look fucking rad, I'd wear them in a heartbeat. Fingers crossed they won't be to expensive!

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