Those Fancy Nintendo Vans Come Out This Week

I'm not usually a fan of video game branded clothing, or Vans for that matter, but man... that VansxNintendo range that was leaked earlier last month?

Yeah, those were cool.

They're coming out this week.

The official release date is June 3, which is tomorrow here in Australia. I suspect given time zones and the like, that date will be more like early morning on June 4. It looks as though Vans will be shipping this gear globally, but I've emailed them locally to get more information. Apparently they'll be stocked in a number of select retail stores. I suspect we won't have that luxury in Australia, but we might get lucky.

It's not just shoes, seems like there's a whole range of stuff available, including a backpack that actually looks nice. This stuff is usually pure vomit material, but honestly I'm impressed. I would wear some of this stuff, especially those Mario shoes in the lead image. Very cool.

Via Distraction Crew


    I just called the Vans store in Melbourne Central and confirmed they are getting stock sometime next week.

      Try the vans store at uni hill, I picked up my donkey kong vans yesterday :D

    I spoke to someone in the QVB store here in Sydney. They told me that they are on a freight ship somewhere and will get here in the next week or two.
    Told me to sign up to the newsletter on (as opposed to for notifications on new stock.

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