Overwatch: Cosplayers Never Die

Australians are getting into the spirit of Overwatch as much as cosplayers in the US and Asia have been, with a handful of gorgeous costumes turning up even before we got our hands on the beta. Lead Image via LMKusanagi Unlmtd Lght Wrks

Image via Charmaine Morgan Photography

This one is from Sydney-based Rose Cosplay, who made this costume almost a year ago with only preliminary sources for Mercy's winged battle armour. Though it may look like some fancy editing, her wings are actually lit with LED lights to give them that ethereal glow.

Image via Cosplay Australia

Image via Decade Three Photography

Sydney also has this fantastic Tracer cosplay from Yasemin Arslan, who also has a Widowmaker costume in progress. You can keep up with her new costumes and watch out for more photos over <a href="http://on her Facebook page.

Image via Kenkai

Image via Lark Visuals

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


    Oh boy, there is something really wrong with the 'breast plate' bit on Mercy.

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