This Superb Quake Documentary Is A Must-See

This Superb Quake Documentary Is A Must-See

The new DOOM might be getting all the attention right now, but let’s not forget the Quake. The original DOOM may have been a landmark game, but it was Quake that refined the formula, made it fully 3D and gave birth to the likes of Capture the Flag and Team Fortress.

Fire up the doco now on YouTube and listen to the sultry British tones of Ahoy’s Stuart Brown, who you may remember from other such videos as the history of miniguns and (sea-based, not Mark-based) piracy.

This thing hits heavy nostalgia territory for me. My fondest first-person shooter memories are definitely Quake-saturated. I tinkered with DOOM, editing WAD files and hacking the executable to add my own weapons, but it was QuakeC that opened the floodgates to my modding career.

In fact, I still have Quake installed with a bunch of home-made mods sprawled across countless directories. I also have Operation Bay Shield, which I believed was the height of comedy back when I was a teen.

Anywho, let’s all fire a rocket in memory of Quake… preferably a physically-shaded one in DOOM.

RetroAhoy: Quake [YouTube]


  • I’m prob in the minority but I played quake 1 solo and finished it dozens of times on all difficulties. One of my fav gaming experiences. Never liked multiplayer much.

    • I’m the same. Quake 1 never really grabbed me in the multiplayer side. It was much like Doom in that it was.. a bit.. dull… quake 2 was where it really started to shine!

  • What a nostalgia trip. The birth of 3D cards, mouselook and serial network connections. So many games can trace back to Quakes design, let alone community mods. Thanks for sharing.

  • So much nostalgia here. I bought a Tseng labs ET4000 and an Creative Banshee for Quake 1&2. My first enhanced 3D PC gaming experience. I started on a private dial-up QW server in Toowoomba with a bunch of local dudes. Them feels man…good times.

  • Damn Nostalgia! i remember
    had to add some awesome memories:

    * that one friend on a cable modem connection, hosting a server for about 12 of us playing quake 1 deathmatch!

    * ztn2dm maps in Q2…. need i say more??? High fives to the design guru on ztn2dm3

    * The “Eraser Bot” for quake 2… SO MUCH FUN. Very intelligent. When you loaded a new map the thing was completely stupid. But you set the bot to learning mode, and it learns the pathways of the entire map, and then annihilates you.

    * WIsh i was 15 again…

  • I wasted SO MANY years playing this game in my teenage years. Quake was the be all and end all of FPS shooters for many years, nothing came remotely close to the experience it offered.

  • 🙂 so many memories of the first quake. Then getting a pc a few years later with a video card and being amazed how much smoother it looked! 😀
    Loved the setting, the weapons, the music, everything! Really wish they’d make another Quake in that gothic setting again 🙁

  • how this makes me long for simpler times, sitting alone in the dark and scaring the shit out of myself. all i want to do now is play unreal tournament with my dad via lan for hours on end like we used to when i was a kid.

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