This Week In Games: The Wait Is Overwatch

Okay people, relax. Overwatch is here. It's Overwatch week.

It's also Total War: Warhammer week.

Basically, it's a pretty good week for video games.

A Long Way Home (PC)

What is it? An iPad/iOS port of a survive in space thing. Should you care? Looks pretty cool. This game was decent on tablets.

Downwell (PS4/PS Vita)

What is it? An award-winning mobile game finally makes it to consoles. Should you care? I missed out on this, might give it a try on the PS4 or the Vita.

Lumo (PS4/PC)

What is it? It's an isometric platformer. Oh man, I used to love these games as a kid! Should you care? It looks like a great reinvention of a once dead genre. I'm keen on this one.

Metrico+ (PC)

What is it? This is a platforming game where you actually traverse different types of charts, like bar charts, line charts, etc. Should you care? Cool little gimmick. Seems really well made too.

OmniBus (PC)

What is it? You might remember Omnibus as the game with the Bus pre-order edition that comes with an actual functional bus. Should you care? This is a game about driving a bus into things. It actually looks like a lot of fun.

Overwatch (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

What is it? It's Overwatch. Blizzard's first new 'franchise' in ages. It's amazing. Should you care? Oh God yes. I cannot see this game failing at all. I love it.

Table Top Racing: World Tour (PC)

What is it? This is sorta like a modern version of Micro Machines, but it plays like an actual racing game. Should you care? It looks okay. Not great. OKAY.

TMNT: Mutants In Manhattan (Xbox One/PS4/360/PS3)

What is it? It's the new Turtles game. Should you care? Look, you might care about this. But I don't.

Total War: Warhammer (PC)

What is it? It's the new Total War game that should really have been called Total War: Warhammer. Should you care? Almost all Total War games are a bit iffy in the beginning, then they get patched and they're super amazing. I'm hearing this has similar teething problems, but is still absolutely worth getting.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this week? It's Overwatch isn't it?


    I'm so keen for Total War: Warhammer. Not sure what you mean by 'teething problems' though. I've read/watched heaps of pre-release reviews of it and haven't heard about any Atilla or Rome II-esque release problems, quite the opposite in fact.

    (btw it is called Total War: Warhammer, I think you meant to write, "should really have been called Total Warhammer")

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    Gotta get me summadat Platinum love!

      Korra fans were once said to make the same remark in the long distant past.

    Worth noting that the TMNT game was developed by Platinum. They're games are generally always worth a look, with a few minor exceptions.

      I only just realised this today. All this time I had been discounting TMNT as the usual yearly rehash but this one looks promising. Playing TFD at the moment.

    I hope people enjoy Overwatch, no chance of me playing it due to having a complex about letting the team down, which prevents me from even downloading dota or league.
    Plus 99% of my friends wouldn't have even heard about the game (console gamers). It certainly looks pretty and fun though so I'll prob watch some more on youtube and twitch. As cool as I think the game is, id hate to ruin other people experience... like an anti-troll or something.

      Don't worry about that man. It's honestly more a thinking game - the most important thing is team balance and countering heroes. If you can't aim, play an aoe hero or support. You won't let the team down unless you're an idiot. Just don't play it like cod and you're fine.

        Yeah i prefer to play support when I can anyway as I feel less pressure to get all the headshots and clutch kills. Worked out pretty well for the couple of months I played planetside 2, i just spawned my heavily armored sundie and tried my best to create a useful spawn point for my team mates while switching between medic and engineer so I could support the friendlies around me and keep my sundie in good order.

        Im keen as houses to play Overwatch, but wouldn't want to play it on my own. Id feel like an arsehole with every loss my team gets, like somehow its all my fault or im not playing correctly. Stupid complex. Its only come to the forefront about the last year or so, but it really turns me off of multiplayer based games (SW Battlefront, Rainbow Six Seige, even the division to an extent).

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      I wouldn't worry if you go in public random games because it is almost expected that there will be no real 'teamwork' whatsoever. Just have fun :-)

      Self-induced pressure sucks man. I'd say you should give it a go, as I found it nothing like DotA in terms of toxicity. However, I do get it how it's just not worth it sometimes as well.

        Yeah, its entirely self-induced and turns me off of so many games! I'll prob pick it up if 2 or more of my friends get it, but I'm pretty sure most haven't even heard of it. Im usually ok as long as there is public unranked game types (rocket league).

          I'll happily play with you on PS4 if that's your poison. FriendlyYoungmen is my username. I suck at all multiplayer games, but have no qualms screwing it up for everyone.

      Yeah, I only play single ranked rocket league for this reason. So, I'll play with you if you're keen. Wouldn't be the first complete stranger, won't be the last.

      Don't particularly care about winning or losing. It's just about having fun. Anyone who whinges in a public lobby is just begging to be trolled as far as I'm concerned. If it's that big of a concern I can bring others who also won't care to fill the team up.

    Meh - I played the beta - it lacks the elegance of early TF2 - it's more Plants vs Zombie GW2... Let's throw everything at the wall and see what sticks

    From not being interested at all to pre-ordering, Overwatch is probably that game I've turned most around on. It just had a level of polish and didn't expect. Thinking about taking a day or two off just to play it.

    Also A Long Way Home link is broken. Here is the steam page:

    Probably Overwatch and Total War: Warhammer for me.
    I might have to pick up an extra hard drive for my computer.

    What is it? It’s the new Total War game that should really have been called Total War: Warhammer.

    I think you meant to say should have been called TOTAL WAAAGH : WAAAGHHAMMER

    no problems I fixed it for you.

    pretty hyped for this one, and maybe look at getting overwatch, but I missed the beta so my level of excitement is not on par with others around here. looks tempting though.

    OH I want Total Warhammer bad! I have to get through Uncharted 4, Valkyria Chronicles and Fire Emblem Fates first. Maybe in a year...

    Super hyped for warhammer, but I think I might wait until I upgrade my graphics card this year, my computer is struggling and didnt handle the last few total war games too well.

    I don't mind overwatch, my friends go crazy over it but through the betas I wasnt particularly blown away. Still a decent game though.

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