You Can Get A 2DS At Target For $99

You Can Get A 2DS At Target For $99

There isn’t a lot coming out for the 3DS in the coming year, asides from the new (and delayed) Fire Emblem game this month, but the strength of the 3DS back catalogue cannot be denied.

Target is selling the 2DS for $99. If you don’t have a 3DS, or you’re looking for a replacement, that’s a pretty damn good price.

What’s good on the 3DS? Where do I even begin.

— The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is probably the best Zelda game of the last decade.
— Luigi’s Mansion 2 is just goddamn sublime.
— Super Mario 3D Land is also well worth playing.
— Mario Kart 7 is good.
— Animal Crossing on the 3DS is like the definitive version.
— Fire Emblem is good!

That’s just the beginning. Well worth $99 if you’re in the market for a handheld.


  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is probably the best Zelda game of the last decade

    With the Wind Waker HD released? Not likely.

    Actually, that would also include Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask on 3DS.

  • Any other recommendations for good 3DS games? I’d consider taking the plunge on this, if I knew i’d be spending time on it with good stuff.

    Note: I’ve never actually had a Ninty console/handheld before.

    • Apart from the usual Nintendo lineup of Mario Blah, Blah Blah Zelda, Super Smash Blah, and Pokemon Blah, I would recommend Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Fire Emblem Awakening, Rune Factory 4, Fantasy Life, and Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse.

      There’s probably more but that’s what I can come up with off the top of my head.

    • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is amazing (I’ve got 400+ hrs playtime) and there is still something of a community going.

      Might be better to wait for MH Generations at this point though.

    • Kid Icarus is also excellent. Resident Evil Revelations, although it’s basically made for the Circle Pad Pro which you can’t use with the 2DS. Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is a great turn-based strategy game, hidden gem of the launch lineup. Star Fox 64 is a must if you haven’t played Lylat Wars, or love it enough to give it another run through with a new lick of paint. Steel Diver isn’t to most people’s tastes, but I loved it. Shinobi is awesome, though hard as balls.

    • Not a bad little handheld. It’s surprisingly comfortable to hold, at least for short to medium periods. If you get one, make sure to get one of those soft padded zip-up cases. They are awesome.

    • Game sites often do the “Best games for X console/handheld”. Look up a couple of those for amazing games for it.

  • So out of curiosity what is the big difference between the 2DS and 3DS?
    Is it worth paying more for the 3DS?

    • If this is a comparison between the 3DS and 2DS, excluding the NEW 3DS, then;

      3DS has 3D and the console itself can fold in half.

      With regards to battery life, the 3DS XL lasts for between 3-6 hours when playing games. The normal 3DS last for 3-5 hours and the 2DS between 3-5 hours.

      “Comfort and feels in your hands” crap varies from person to person. I recommend molesting one at your local EB Games.

    • I honestly think the Clam shell design of the 3DS is superior to the slate style of the 2DS. My friend mentioned something really important too. The new 3DS is slightly more powerful than the 2DS so there may be games that don’t run on the 2DS. That and it has an NFC scanner built in.

      But other than that the 3DS closes, and has a 3D slider, the 2DS lacks both those features.

      I think the New 3DS XL is still the best but it’s $250 which is a lot more than $100 not to mention games, although there are plenty.

      And that new Kirby Robot game looks pretty cool, although maybe I’m a sucker for Amorphrosised Mecha.

      • If you’re buying the 3DS for a child, the 2DS is the superior design. No hinges to break. The 2DS is almost as solid and rugged as the original gameboys.

      • Cool thanks for that.
        The extra power is a good point and I do prefer the New 3DS XL but that price point for the 2DS is hard to pass up and I wouldn’t get both.

      • My 2DS bends pretty well, but for some reason the screen doesn’t work that great any more…

  • Nintendo said there’s un announced 3ds games to come out this year, if they’re going to be quality or not who knows.

  • The controls are so fucking awkward on the 2DS though! It feels very clunky holding one. Just get a New 3DS second hand for the same price..

    • I don’t find it too bad, but I agree that the N3DS is way more comfortable (mine is an N3DSXL).

      • I haven’t played one for extended periods so it might not be so bad. But just holding it feels wrong! The new XL are also kinda heavy, but the screen size and sound quality is amazing so it’s worth it =D

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