46 Minutes Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Gameplay

No annoying commentary. No picture-in-picture streamers discussing the features. None of that shit.

Just the game. Being played. It's glorious.

I've been waiting for something like this, just to watch the game, and get a proper feel for what it's like to play it like a normal human being. Very helpful.

This game is gonna end me.


    I think I'll watch trailers and read about it, but I'm not down with watching big playthroughs. Want to experience this a bit fresh!

      I'm with you - I like what little I've seen so far, and the rest will come when I play it myself for the first time :)

      Probably for the best - this player is terrible and doesn't demonstrate anything new gameplay wise that the vids posted earlier don't show. At least with the commentary they expand on whats happening, this was cringe worthy to watch.
      Can't wait 'til this drops. Going to be a fun time.

    I noticed that in the bottom corner near the minimap there is a purple thing that looks like it monitors sound as when link stands still it changes to a purple line; is this a hint at stealth elements ie being quite when hunting animals?

      Yes, that's a mechanic. You have to sneak up on horses to nab em for a ride.

      I think there's a combo of visual and audio stealth, with the long grass helping. Should set up interesting scenarios with the fire mechanic.

    No annoying commentary. No picture-in-picture streamers discussing the features.


    This looks amazing. It will never turn up on other platforms, so... I guess I'm getting a NX? :(

    Awww they removed the dramatic music reveal of opening a chest. (dana-nana dana-nana dana-NANA DA-NA-NA-NAAAAAAA.) I mean, I know it was way too slow and got old after a while, but it's such an ingrained Zelda component!

      Surely they'd keep it for major chests? That would be sad if they took it out.

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