Horizon Zero Dawn's E3 Demo Was Incredible

Video: Guerilla's Horizon Zero Dawn — AKA That Robot Dinosaur Game Whose Actual Name You Never Remember — had a big gameplay demonstration today at E3. I don't remember the last time a game went from "huh" to "OH MAN" in my mind quicker than this.


    Yup, i dont even have a PS4 but im willing to buy one for this and a few others too, but mainly this

    I always see these awesome cinematic games with no HUD, then you play them and there's numbers, navpoints, compases and life bars all over the screen

      Take a look at Hellblade, it has no HUD and is looking good.

    Maybe it's just me but I thought it looked pretty mediocre. Each to their own.

      Nup, I thought the same. to pretty Standard fair to be honest.

      By the end I was just wanting to play Xenoblade Chronicles X again.

      Yeah I couldn't help the feeling that all the shit she did with that last scene was irrelevant. Looked like deliberately making the fight last longer to showcase abilities, rather than the abilities actually being useful.

    Finally an answer to the age old question, who will win in a fight between a cave,an with a bow and giant mech?

    This looked great, then the dialogue started. I couldn't help but feel given it's in the far flung future they could've attempted to deliver something other than a straight up American accent fluent English dialogue. For example, check out how The 100 does it, while they still use American accents, they change up the language a bit, throw some created words and slang in, utilise words in different nonsensical ways, to show that society has adapted in different ways and so has the language. Little elements like that add to the atmosphere rather than drawing you out of the experience.

      I kind of love the language in the 100.

      Took me an embarrassingly long time to realise long time to realise what Trikru and Tondc meant though.

    So there's hope for rangas in the distant future after all.

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