Here's The Coolest Keyboards We Saw At Computex

Computex has crazy mods for PCs and PC cases as far as the eye can see — and that extends to keyboards, too.

RGB lighting was the big theme for components this year. If you wanted to control the LEDs in your case, case fans, keyboards, mice, hell even your cloth pad, there was a vendor offering a way.

A good idea of what the bog-standard RGB keyboard will look like — a thin strip of lighting around the outside, and not much else within.

This was themed after the Captain America case mod that was also on display in Thermaltake's booth, from memory. If you haven't seen that, go check it out — it's pretty special.

The author travelled to Computex 2016 as a guest of Intel.


    Unfortunate that the only numpadless keyboard shown was used as a backlight highlight.

      Numpads are for numpties.

        Tenkeyless are for twits.

          numpads are for people who dont bitch and complain about a keyboard length

            And people who like to type numbers like a civilised person :P

    And not one is ergonomic. I guess I'm still using my '97 MS Natural keyboard for longer then. Hits the big 'two oh' next year.

      *googles* The Elite? Hmm, weird arrow and navigation buttons, can't abide that.

      The 4000 though, now THERE'S a keyboard. Brackets, Equals and Backspace above the numberpad? Stroke of genius, the Calculator shortcut right there next to them was super handy too.

        I agree. Backspace above the numbers BEST THING EVER... I just hate how big and chunky it is. I went from the Sculpt Ergonomic to this. OMG...i miss the chiclet SO BAD.

          As a lazy person with incredibly poor posture, I'm often leaning on one elbow at the desk and typing with just the other hand so the whole ergonomic split thing makes it so much harder to type single-handed. I'd be happy with a regular keyboard layout with those buttons added :P

          Although the ultimate would be, if I could design my own keyboard, have the Enter key on the numberpad split into two (judging from my wear marks I only use the lower half as it is) and have the upper key used as a shift key to enable hex input. Make 1-6 type a-f when it's held.

            I'm actually really surprised nobody has come up with a keyboard that is customizable... (runs away to patent his idea)

    I feel like I should be buying more from the Well Buying Industrial Co. Ltd. No particular reason, I just feel like buying from them would go...good.

      they dont sell keyboards, just switches....

    I havnt seen keyboard modding like this since the 90's

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