JB Hi-Fi Understands How Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Works

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has had a tough run of things since its reveal, but I'm sure it'll be business as usual for Infinity Ward and Activision.

But let's be honest here, the most interesting thing about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the fact it comes packaged with a remastered version of Modern Warfare.

Things may change in the future but, for now, you won't be able to buy Modern Warfare Remastered separately. The only way to play the game is by purchasing Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which would suggest Activision is using our nostalgia for that classic game as leverage to promote a new, riskier iteration of Call of Duty in Infinite Warfare. Makes sense, but it sucks for those of us who just want a new, fresh playthrough of a game we loved once upon a time.

Still, two games for the price of one. Hard to argue with that.


    I never beat the ferris wheel level.

      Beat it, but was definitely a struggle!

      I never got the Mile High achievement...

        Not even solo aviator division? Or is that wrong Mile High achievement?

          Wrong one I think.

          Mile High is where you've got to clear Air Force One, and evacuate the president, under a certain time limit. It's a level that happens after the credits.

      The abandoned Ferris wheel what's the hardest point of the game

      There's a trick to it, a certain place you camp that leaves you largely invulnerable. It's an exploit really, but that level is just bonkers hard.

    LOL, more like pre-order COD:MW and get a free copy of Star Marine. I'm pretty sure CIG just sold off that mod to Activision, because it needed to pay for the futuristic door in its studio.

    Still, two games for the price of one. Hard to argue with that.

    So its $90 for both now is it? or is it rather the normal $90 + an additional $50 for a remastered game. So no, its not two games for the price of one and you can argue with it.

      ermm, where are you getting the $50 from? it's been $90 for both the entire time as far as I'm aware

        Its 90 dollars for just Infinite Warfare FYI.

        You only get CoD 4 Remastered with the Legacy edition or Legacy Edition pro which starts at 129 AUD.

          aah righto, cheers
          edit: btw ozgameshop has them cheaper if you're looking to get it

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      i'm under the impression that it is $90 for the pair, 2 for 1.

        nope... the cheapest option where you get COD4 is $129. At JB the cheapest option with COD4 is $159.


          ozgame shop has it on pc for 64 and console for 79, legacy editions being 100 and 123 respectively

    Haha, My Local store has this up on their pre-order board.

    Except really you're paying for COD4:MW and the IW Season Pass by purchasing from JB. Only place to get COD4:MW without the IW season pass is through EB.

    Stupid question...do I have to pre-order Infinite Warfare to get the remaster? Or can I not pre-order and just pick one up after it comes out? Because other than exclusive vanity items or early access to multiplayer, there's no reason to pre-order this...there will be no shortage of copies.

    Actually, as I say this, hardened editions and steelbook cases for collectors can be kinda scarce depending on location and such...but for someone who isn't interested in that, just the remaster, do i need to "reserve" a copy?

      You do not have to pre order, you only need to purchase the legacy edition at some point and if you are only interested in getting the remaster I'm sure they will release it standalone few months later to earn another quick buck.

      Activision isn't going to leave that money sitting on the table.

    I actually only just played Modern Warfare for the first time ever a few weeks ago (I got fed up with Activision refusing to EVER make it available for a semidecent price despite it being 8 fucking years old so I stole it) and beat it in a few days. And honestly, my reaction at the end was "is that it?" After all the hype and anticipation (and I've never played another "modern military shooter" either so I'm not burned out on them) it was OK but often frustrating, repetitive and WAY too short. I honestly can't see any reason to make a big deal about the remaster.

    uhh multiplayer funnest around

    I honestly think people will be let down and/or not enjoy CoD 4 as much as they think they will.

    CoD4 is so old and mechanics/AI/level design/etc. have come a long way since it was released. Nostalgia can definitely change the way you remember games.
    How often do you see people complain about the "lack of depth" in MP games because of the lack of unlocks and levels? CoD4 didn't have very many of either.

    IW will be $149,000.

    I'm only getting it for the cod4 remaster! After years playing same old Cs/Cs source, it reinvigorated online shooters for me and I'd still play it if I could be bothered loading up my desktop. Can't wait to get keyboard and mouse ready for it!

    Modern Warfare Remaster is however only available in the Digital Deluxe edition that contains the season pass so buying the base game (especially on Steam) does not give the Remastered Modern Warfare. On Steam the digital deluxe edition is currently $100.00USD which is roughly $150.00AUD (which will soon jump to $165.00AUD when the $0.00AUD G.S.T. threshold for all online purchases applies next year, so that the greedy pollies can stuff their snouts deeper in the trough).

    Also COD games rarely, if ever go on sale on Steam (and if they do it is not much of a discount)

    I guess buying the base game and then the season pass after would negate eligibility for the Remastered Modern Warfare. In the Steam store there is only a mention of a copy of Modern Warfare Remastered in the digital deluxe.

    There is NO mention of receiving a copy of Modern Warfare Remastered in the Store page for the Season Pass. Leading me to believe that the only way to get the remaster on PC is to go to the steam store as I am not sure if the Aussie stores sell the Digital Deluxe Version (But I could be wrong so feel free to correct me if that is so).

    And forget getting cheaper keys from Third-Party key resellers as this game is heavily region locked and there is NO SUCH THING as a worldwide key. This means no choice but to get overcharged by greedy Steam (unless a digital Deluxe PC edition can be purchased in Aussie stores as it will be cheaper than the Steam Store hands down).

    I have no idea how it is like for consoles as I only use a PC and have no interest in getting a console, now or in the future.

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