John Carmack's Next Technological VR Conquest Is... Letters?

It's easy to focus on all the fancy stuff virtual reality tech needs — powerful GPUs, high-quality displays and elegant controls. But what about the basic requirements, like a typeface that doesn't make your eyes bleed or stomach turn? Never fear, 3D virtuoso John Carmack is on the case.

John Carmack tweeted the following a couple of days ago, suggesting the developer is looking into the glorious world of lettering from a VR perspective:

Carmack went into more detail in another reply, though it doesn't offer a great deal for the layman:

Now, I don't think Carmack is necessarily cooking up virtual reality's Times New Roman (or, heaven-forbid, Comics Sans); more ways font designers can cater for VR and how the tech can better handle font rendering.

All I can say is that if Carmack is giving it attention, it must be important... unless he's helping with some sort of VR version of Facebook. In which case, we're all doomed.

@ID_AA_Carmack [Twitter, via PCGamesN]


    Until headset resolutions increase, this is essential for flight and racing sims (one of the biggest downsides for me).
    But Carmack is on the case, so all is good!

    Good, UI readability is ONE of my grips with VR atm.

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