Microsoft Will Let You Design Your Own Custom Xbox One Controllers

Any aspect of the controller, from the buttons, to the sticks, can now be modified to look however you want. Heck, you can now engrave controllers with text of your choice.

Here's a trailer:

The Verge says these controllers cost $US79.99 ($108) each, with an additional $US9.99 ($14) for text. Every custom controller is actually the new redesigned pad, which will first launch with the release of Xbox One Slim. This means any custom controller will come equipped with a new textured grip, and increased wireless range, among other improvements.

It's all being done as a part of the "Xbox Design Lab" and Microsoft says you'll be able to use it via (The site isn't live yet though.)

I gotta say: some potential controller configurations look oh-so-hot. I'm excited to spend way too long picking out colours whenever this officially launches.


    sites live but doesnt ship to aus

      Is it live now after three months or no?


    Last edited 16/08/16 10:03 pm

      Mate I get this problem too. Have had it since day 1.

      All my controllers drop out randomly every few hours or so, not enough to be a major pest (I don’t play ultra-competitive online games and everything pauses when the controller drops) but still annoying.

      I had an Xbox 360 in the same space as my Xbone is now and I never had an issue with any of the controllers dropping out. It’s been moved now (to the other side of the cabinet) but they still work just fine.

      As a general comment, the Xbone controllers generally suck. They feel cheaper than the 360 ones and I’ve had an assortment of issues with the four I own, including:
      What seems to be a small break inside one of the controllers which makes it more malleable than it should be and the outer case doesn’t sit quite flush with the back;
      A loud squeak in the rumble motor on one side of one controller; and
      The ‘back’ button on one of my controllers isn’t set properly in place. It doesn’t always register a button press and it feel like it’s always half-down.

      So that’s 3 problems out of 4 controllers, with all of them dropping out.

      I never had a problem with a 360 controller aside from the sticks eventually wearing down from use.

        I don't get the disconnect problem as often as you, but I get it. All the Controllers I know of (Mine and Friends) have never had any physical issues, I'm wondering do you have extra clumsy stock handlers where you purchase.

        You are right about the 360 controller never dropping out but.

          I'm fairly confident the disconnecting controller issue is actually related to the batteries you use.

          It happened to me for the first time in almost 3 years a few months back and I read on a forum somewhere that someone stopped having the issue once he changed battery type. So I tried the same thing and the issue went away.

          It seems that a certain type of eneloop I was using was the only time my controllers disconnected. When I used my Sony rechargeables or my eneloop pros, I don't have the issue.

            That's very interesting, I use a 3rd party charge kit. I'll have to look into it when I have more time. Thank you.


        Last edited 16/08/16 10:04 pm

          It'll be an issue with the wireless receiver in the console. I help out on Xbox Support (am an ambassador) and have seen this come up occassionally, however not so much anymore. Its not spoken about because its not all that common, and is really only on the earlier models for the most part

          I hate to say it, but repair or replacement of console is the only way to fix it :( or just use a wired controller if you aren't using it all that much :)


            Last edited 16/08/16 10:04 pm

              Yeah, unfortunately you'd have to pay repair costs as the warranty is expired :(

              I usually only stick to the xbox support forums, and chat, but might drop onto the reddit and give some help there too :)

              I could be wrong, like anything that technical it could be any number of things, but from what you've said I think thats exactly what it would be


                Last edited 16/08/16 10:04 pm

                  Yeah, I've had this same issue. With a day one console. Very frigging annoying, a reason why I'm getting the Slim. Use my Day One console as a media device in the bedroom

                  No probs mate, always happy to help :)

    Wait, another revision of the controller? Isn't that the third version now? Doesn't look any different to the last one though, outside of the colours.

    Just looked at the site. Seriously? I can't select to have the extra grip on the underside like the Forza and other limited edition controllers?

    Sold! Just please ship to bloody australia!

      I'm sure they will eventually, and you organise to have them shipped to a US address and than forwarded to Australia, although not sure of the cost even Aus Post has a set up for it.

    Does it ship to Australia?????

    Specs say bluetooth in the new controller, so you wont need an adapter...

    Looks good if expensive. Will wait till it ships to Aus

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