Well, we're in day four of the current ScribbleTaku. I honestly thought the last drawing would seal the deal. Not to worry, I have one more for you, drawn on my son's etch-a-sketch no less!

Here are the last three drawings...

Good luck everyone!



    drawn on my son’s etch-a-sketch no less

    I call shenanigans

      Maybe it was drawn on the etch-a-sketch, and transposed to post-it note.

    I said this back when the gas can came up...

    It's Body Harvest for the N64.

    1. Targetting reticule
    2. Fuel Level for current vehicle
    3. Human Death toll
    4 Bug Target Health.

      Looks pretty bang on.

      Edit: Also, you posted your guess on Day 2, but it was after the Day 3 hint had come out so we can't really blame Serrels for missing it.

      Last edited 06/06/16 2:24 pm

        Fair enough, it's mainly due to the fact all my posts still have to await moderation before going live, so that's not helping with posting in a timely manner either...

        On Topic, this was made by the rockstar team (DMA) before they made GTA into the 3d open-world games they are now, man I would love if rockstar did a reboot of this using the current GTA engine and tech...

        Last edited 06/06/16 7:08 pm

        Damn beat me to it. Been racking my brain of the name of it. Awesome game!!

    They look like icons or parts of a talent tree but I can't place them. Wow?

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