Steam Sales Are Back

Batten down the hatches.

Break out the rations and the baked beans. Tell mother it's gonna be a rough month.

Steam sales are back.

They're calling it the Steam Summer Picnic Sale, which is completely meaningless because all you care about are the sweet, sweet deal, am I correct?

Here's some that jumped out at me...

— Doom (yep the new one) is 40% off at $US47.97 — Fallout 4 is 50% off at $US39.97 — The Witcher III is 50% off at $US24.99 — Dishonored is 50% off at $US4.99 — SOMA is 50% off at $US14.99 — Broforce is 60% off at $US5.99

There's a lot of good stuff on-sale right now. Well beyond what I could generally round-up in a post like this. I suggest you simply brave the Steam front page and hopefully come out the other end with money to feed yourself.

Good luck my friends. And remember beans on toast is a nutritional breakfast.


    Damn it, I forgot to check steam all weekend to clear my discovery queue and unlock my trading cards.

    I bought a few games on Friday. Golden Wake, Technobabylon and some Japanese hiragana learning game that I threw in to get me over the $10 mark. I already know my hiragana having learned it ten years ago but I thought it might build osme vocab.

      What's that called?

        Learn Japanese to Survive: Hiragana Battle. I haven't tried it yet and the concept of it seemed a bit silly at first, but it has generally positive reviews as a beginner Japanese teaching alternative to flash cards, and was only a couple of bucks. The only negative review I saw still recommended the game but hated the sound effects.

    Doom (yep the new one) is 40% off at $US47.97
    Fallout 4 is 50% off at $US39.97

    How the mighty have fallen. If Steam can't even beat EB games at a sale they don't deserve your money.

      Oh wow.. Yeah, Fallout is $45 at EB atm yet on Steam it's $53 AUD, & Doom is $47 at EB as well, what that's a good joke Steam.

        And Fallout was like $36 at EB!

          It is on console, it's more on PC for some weird reason o.O

            Oh wow, that's really weird. Just noticed that now too.

              PC gets gibbed a lot from EB. Diablo 3 + RoS is still $50-$90 (if there's no sale) whereas you can pick up a console version for $30, less if you want preowned.

                You're lucky to even find a PC section at EB - it's usually hidden at the back behind everything else.

        Thats cause Bethesda is stupid... all their games list local prices but in USD plus conversion costing us $20 above AUD retail.

        I swear they just upload a pricing spreadsheet ignorant to the fact we are the only weatern market still charged USD

          Yep. That's about right. Also someone else pointed out Fallout 4 was $29 at Big W recently, which is a bargain.

      I bought the pack from EB games, comes with a book, some patches and a poster and other fluff.

      EB are the problem though... Them and many other B&M stores complained to the publishers about being undercut by Steam and the strong USD, now the USD has tanked but we still have inflated prices in USD on Steam.

    Doom is $47 at EB Games. I'm sure fallout 4 is $36 as well.

      I grabbed Fallout 4 for $29 AUD at Big W last week.

      I snapped up Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butōden for $10 at Target, also bought Inazuma Eleven Go Shine and Dark for $5 each.

      Didn't really want them, but I went into EB games and they were $28 and $36

        So you spent $15 on games you don't want because it was better than not spending $64 on games you weren't going to buy anyway?

          Yep. I can now convert them into unthoughtful gifts to my younger family members whenever presents are required.

          Just like my parents did to me...

          EDIT: And it was $100 in EB games.
          - $28 for Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butōden
          - $36 for Inazuma Eleven Go Shine
          - $36 for Inazuma Eleven Go Dark

          Last edited 27/06/16 1:33 pm

            Ah, I didn't realise Shine and Dark were two different games.

    I got Doom this weekend from EB, it's less than $50. That's crazy for a game that game out a month ago.

      It really is. Normally I'd take such a drastic price drop as a warning to stay away but I seriously had a blast with it. The only reason I haven't finished it is because I'm waiting for my wife to get ahead of me so I can play it without "spoiling" her (because you know, I'm sure there's a bunch of twists and turns in the story that are going to knock her for a loop).

        Spoilers relating to the content of the story:
        I just got to the Foundry level, and have just picked up the rocket launcher... but no twists or turns that I could see, maybe I'm not far enough into the game yet?

          Sarcasm. My wife is militantly anti-spoiler. Seeing any gameplay/bosses from levels past where she is would constitute a spoiler so I'm just avoiding playing until she's overtaken me. :)

    Mark, you should check out Windlands if you haven't got it for your Rift already.

    It's pretty much Grow Home but if you were Spider-man.

    Can't wait till my positive bank account balance is back too... Damn you Gabe!

    Wow, it's gone from Steam being the best sales in town, to their sales being one of the biggest jokes in town. GOG had a sale recently, the Winter Sale, which was pretty awesome harkening back to Steams old days. I dunno, my wallet used to be empty when these sales rolled around, now it just looks to go elsewhere.

      Steam sales were good until Valve realized that they didnt have to do anything except make a new set of trading cards, and then just watch the cash roll in from the market transactions when people buy/sell the cards.

      As an example the "Everything is Fine" card has been sold 96150 times in the past 24 hours, and is currently selling for 10c if we use that as the price and going off Valves fee (which is 5% of the transaction with a 1c minimum) Valve has made $961.50 off 1 card in the past 24 hours.

      There are 10 cards in this summer sale, which means that would be making roughly a little under $10000 per day just from summer sale card transactions.

      Last edited 27/06/16 10:50 am

        Outstanding point and well observed. The ultimate microtransaction, something that has absolutely zero effect and zero use, yet seems to be needed...

    Was kinda hoping there would be a discount on the Fallout 4 season pass, but there isn't.. I kinda feel like just waiting for the GOTY version of Fallout 4 at this rate,

      Season Pass went up after the E3 announcement of new DLC

        It went up before the DLC even came out, went from $30 USD to $50 USD.

    Civ V complete is $1.32 USD
    That is stupidly good value so if you don't have it yet grab that

    Just checked again and this is my price to get all the dlc I don't have. Actually a really good option but not the massive bargain I thought it was

    Last edited 27/06/16 11:41 am

      It's only that much if you already own the game and most of the DLC. The correct price is $20 or so.

    I think that Steam Sales have lost their shine for two reasons:
    - First, they no longer do Flash sales or Daily deals...which added to the exitement and "feeding frenzy" of their sales. Now it is just two weeks of the same discounts, which aren't as deep as they used to be.
    - Second, everyone else now does sales a lot of the time, and there are a score of sites who do discounts all the time. Once upon a time Steam were amazing in they offered big discounts in a market that hardly ever did it. They brought competition to the market and the market has responded.

      Valve got slapped down hard by either the FTC or the EU (or both?) for doing flash sale stuff, which is why they stopped doing it.

    They’re calling it the Steam Summer Picnic Sale, which is completely meaningless because all you care about are the sweet, sweet deal, am I correct?No, it's completely meaningless because it's the middle of winter.

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