Our Steam Sale Picks For Today

The Steam Sales were a little odd this year. There was a big sale at the beginning of December, which seemed to sort of jump the gun with the holidays. Then a gap. Then another sale extremely close to Christmas. So partly as a guide to the best deals, and partly just as a reminder that the sales exist, below are our completely subjective picks for today's offerings.

They're all actually pretty good today. But in terms of hours played vs money spent, you can't go past The Witcher 2 for $4.99 USD. It's one of the best recent RPGs, and if you haven't played it yet, it'll be a good primer for The Witcher 3 next year. That one is looking pretty damn slick.

Tomb Raider may be a triple-A game released just in March, but it's going for $9.99 USD, which is quite bonkers. It's a gritty, cinematic origin story about how an innocent, sweet Lara Croft turned into the battle-hardened, handle-anything-with-confidence heroine.

One of the games in my personal top five this year is Rogue Legacy, currently going for $4.99 USD, a superbly designed 2D platformer that describes itself as a "rogue-lite". Featuring many roguelike elements, your spawn will inherit your ever-growing fortune, and each generation will be stronger as they tackle an evil castle - similar in premise to Infinity Blade. Each generation also has some form of illness, which usually hampers your ability somehow. Such as dyslexia, which makes everything hard to read.

Lastly, the Flash Sale currently has Machinarium for $2.50 USD, which a great little point-and-click adventure game with heart. And this is coming from a guy for which hating point-and-click adventures is pretty much his middle name. Yeah, that's right. My parents named me Jeremy I-hate-point-and-click-adventures Ray. It's a bit of a sore spot, okay?

With the abundance of great deals, we expect others to have different opinions on what's a must-have in the sales today. What should your fellow Kotakuers not miss? Let us know below!


    Apparently the sales are pretty much the same as the Thanksgiving sales, according to that leaked email...?

    At least the community picks are occasionally choosing a game that isn't discounted every other month.

      Most of the recent games are the same sales as thanks giving as not much has changed since, but a lot of older games are going through this sale.

    If you only get two games this year then the Tomb Raider reboot and Witcher 2 are hands down perfect.
    For the price its a steal!

    I read this whole article in @Junglist voice. God I miss the days when he was on Good Game. :(

    Last edited 23/12/13 10:42 am

      (Texan) "Tonight on Steam sales, we check out the latest Witcher Game, Assassin of Kings, conquer the secrets of the new Tomb Raider remake, go old school with 2-d platformer Rogue Legacy, and point and click our way through the latest in the revival of point and click games, Machinarium." (/Texan)

        and yet i just read your post in Steven Colbert voice

    Unfortunately my PC isn't good enough to take advantage of the Steam sales. I'll just have to stick to the GOG ones for now...

      Buy games, run them on low or leave them in your library until you upgrade

        Yeah I was thinking of doing that. Though I'm assuming Steam will have more sales between now and when I can afford to upgrade ^_^

          Back before I upgraded my PC, I'd purchase a lot of games and just gift them to my inventory, so they're there for gifts if I need them, but also I can just activate them on the account when I upgraded (Oh Far Cry 3, I waited so long for you)

      The Stanley Parable might work, its not much more power hungry than something like portal

        Cool. Might check it out!

          I'd suggest trying out the demo first, actually. It'll give you a pretty clear indication of how the main game is going to run, and the demo is actually completely unique content as well (and is super entertaining to boot).

    i'm not sure though why some games are just too expensive .... Silent hill Homecoming (released 2009) retail price $40, steam sale$20 ... still too expensive for a game released nearly 5 years ago

      I suspect its publishers not giving a toss because they've moved on & forgotten it. Modern Warfare 2 is a perfect example, it's now $20 in America but they clearly forgot they jacked up the price here and never got back to it to drop the price and its still $90

      Last edited 23/12/13 1:04 pm

    Tomb Raider (steam activated) will be $5 on Amazon from 24-25th I believe.

    Last edited 23/12/13 11:28 am

      Really? This post says it'll be $10 on those days (unless there's a $5 credit other than the one applicable in January) https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/127422

      A thousand, a million even, apologies for casting doubt on this. Here's the deal! http://www.amazon.com/Square-Enix-41017Tomb-Raider2-Download/dp/B007VFHGZ4/ref=dsvrt_myd_asin_block

    Thanks Junglist I just picked up Witcher 2 and Rogue Legacy. Witcher was already on my wishlist but I had forgotten about Rogue Legacy...

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