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    So I just read Norway's looking to ban fossil fuel cars by 2025.

    Where do I apply for citizenship?

      Sure but Norway is freezing as fuck and bicycles have no heaters.

        Pretty sure @saturday lives in some sort of eastern european country that's always cold. He seems pretty well-adjusted!

          Was gonna say Canada isn't European but then remembered the French.

        Doesn't seem to stop them riding all year round.

        Also, it's just sale of new fossil fuel cars they're heavily restricting. Electric vehicles no worries.

      The Scandinavian countries seem like the only place in the world that have got their shit together nowadays. :(

        Don't they also have some of the highest suicide rates because there's not so much left to do once your shit is all sorted?

          I think that's probably more to do with SAD than anything.

            Can't tell if acronym or word.


              Basically the 'winter blues' are a real thing.

              EDIT: Also not making the connection to Scandinavia up - they really do have very high rates of SAD, it's been an observed thing for centuries.

              Last edited 07/06/16 3:28 pm

                Ah, right.

                It is starting to feel like mopey time :P

    *Walking into the Supanova article comment section like*

      I popped in, saw some reasonable responses, tossed out a few upvotes for sane people, checked the front page an hour later and the 'discuss' icon is sitting around a couple hundred responses.

      Didn't even bother to fucking check. High discuss rates on shit like that is a near certainty that everyone involved is making an ass out of themselves, digging trenches to defend.

    Last song played game time

    Call it what you want by Foster the People

    What was YOUR last song played?

      Banco de Gaia - Shanti (red with white spots edit)

      Last edited 07/06/16 10:21 am

      Toccata and Fugue - Jennifer Thomas.

      The wheels on the bus - On repeat oh god bus bus bus bus bus

      Detox - Strapping Young Lad

    @transientmind: did you end up playing any World of Warships in the end? Curious what you thought / how you went with it if so.

      Yeah, I signed up and gave it a few hours on the weekend on the US server. How do invites work, and what US time are you normally playing?

      I'm not sure about shelf-life for me. Progression and unlocks are my jam, that always keeps me hooked for a while... until it gets impossibly grindy, anyway. If I know I'm getting value out of a F2P title, I usually drop a 'box price' payment on it, too. But I reckon this is one of those types where it'd be real easy to squander that. I'll have to look up some advice on how best to spend. Still got a few thousand banked-up 'free exp' to figure out how/when best to spend. Tempted to use it to just unlock the next tier in certain lines ASAP.

      Game itself... seems like a more drawn-out, careful World of Tanks. Some more map variety would be nice, I'm kind of already sick of those two large islands with a channel in between. I'm a beast against AI, usually manage to top the board. Players are another story. Don't usually get sunk, but also usually only ended up in the top half of the board. Got the occasional first, which was nice. Not really understanding the complaints about salvo accuracy, mine have been pretty damn accurate so far... must be something that afflicts the bigger guns, perhaps. Mostly stuck to the cruisers so far (and it's been interesting learning the differences between them; perhaps more specifically the differences between their guns), but did give the first US destroyer a bit of a whirl. I saw some complaints about lack of team-work, but I'm not too sure how much team-work can come into play... it'd really just be about trading places for visibility/prime target status, far as I can see, maybe pulling off some tricky torpedo pincers. The smoke seems handy on that destroyer, but incredibly limited. One-trick pony, maybe twice per sortie if you're lucky.

        If I'm on I play in the evenings (so like, 7pm-12pm Pacific?) and during the day on weekends.

        The 'Two Large Islands With The Channel In Between' is the Solomon Islands map and personally I really like that map. It's got nice open spaces for Battleships, cover for destroyer ambushes, and multiple viable strategies. You do see it a lot at lower tiers but IIRC it's only in the pool until Tier 5.

        The worst maps by far are Strait (where your teams spawn split into two groups divided by a big long island - it's a shitshow because it needs teamwork and the spawns are often not very balanced) and Ocean, which is just an open body of water with no cover and it sucks in slow battleships.

        The gun accuracy thing if you know how the info works (shell flight times, how to lead properly etc) isn't really that much of an issue especially in low-tier cruisers because they don't have much range. T3 and T4 battleships have awful dispersion and the Japanese BBs are complete shit - Kawachi is like a fat kid with one arm armed with a shotgun, and Myogi is super long range but they built her backward and put all the guns at the rear so she's at her best when running away, and the long range encourages players to sit back and snipe when she's just shit at that.

        Teamwork is much more important in later tiers. Basically there's a rock-paper-scissors thing. Destroyers are super dangerous to Battleships, but Cruisers are more maneuverable and can get in closer and wreck them. Cruisers are vulnerable to Battleships. So what's meant to happen is that Destroyers run out ahead of the team, scout out areas, capture control points and use torpedoes to sink unsuspecting ships that sail in straight lines like idiots (this is why you *always* take the Situational Awareness captain skill in a Battleship, because if you're detected and there's no ships in range on the map, it means a Destroyer has seen you and is probably going to torp you).

        Cruisers are basically meant to be in between the Battleships and the Destroyers. Depending on the cruiser they can function quite differently but they're meant to escort Battleships, keep destroyers away from them, and basically provide the utility and speed.

        Which tech trees did you try? They all play quite differently. The IJN is about being really sneaky. USN is about having more guns than everyone else. Russians are glass cannons, and Germans trade off armor for accuracy. So generally if you're not really liking one ship, you can swap to a different tree and might find a better match. Turns out that while I love the IJN battleship designs for example, I found that the US Battleships (and Warspite - though people have realized how to kill Warspite easily now :( ) were more my jam. Especially Wyoming. Leveled through her so fast because I was averaging 3 kills a game. Destroyers that think you're food, charge in for torps and then get hit with precision HE shots from the main battery and deleted, mainly.

        EDIT: US Destroyers are better with guns than torpedoes. If you want to play US Destroyers you need to get in the thick of it and target IJN destroyers with your guns while using torps for area denial, or you want to hug islands right and ambush cruisers and battleships from really close. IJN Destroyers are all about long range hit-and-run torping. Smoke is for when you're spotted and need to retreat and it's hard to use well.

        atsf's 'How to Clemson' is an amusing look at US Destroyer tactics:

        (Clemson's the US T4 and is very good).

        Last edited 07/06/16 8:55 am

    PotG thing Not a PotG but I know it's something other overwatch players are familiar with



      You've fallen down an Overwatch gif blackhole haven't you? =P

        No! It's just all over the internet at the moment

    Final Fantasy XII remaster? Well Square Enix you have been reading my christmas list

      Was pretty much a given when they did FFX. Same core engine, just have to port over the system changes.

        Sure, but the difference is I'll actually buy this.

          There's no accounting for taste I guess.

          Though to be fair, Balthier. And Fran was okay. And honestly even Vaan at his worse doesn't piss me off as much as Wakka.

    For whatever reason, my alarm volume was turned down to zero, so I was out of bed 25min later than usual today. Left the house maybe 20min later than usual. Yet somehow I only got to Central two minutes later than usual.

    I can only conclude that I accidentally hopped on board the BttF train without realising.


        I was afraid this would happen.


          THIS IS HEAVY

          WE GOTTA GO BACK!

            Heavy? why would you use that word? Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?

      Peak hour traffic is a filthy whore has a lot to answer for.

      A few weeks back I left at 7:45am and got in around 9am.
      The very next day I left around 8:40am and got in around 9:10am.

      Nearly an hour later start, only ten minutes later arrive. Because F&@#%^[email protected]*%@#!.

        It's National Nightmare Commute Day today.

        Mine wasn't. I got on my bike at 7, I got off my bike 30 mins and 11km later and parked it in the basement. And that's pretty much the story whatever time I leave. Today I carried 2 laptops and my clothes for the rest of the week.

        The biggest factors affecting my commute time are traffic lights (if I catch a run of greens, it's worth a few minutes...) and the wind (strong northerly vs strong southerly - around 10 mins difference).

        Having a shower on my floor at work is a massive bonus though.

    I'm listening to so much (mostly) instrumental music at the mo - working on difficult configuration stuff on a full-on IT project, and need stuff to block out open plan noise without being distracting.

    I like "world music", electronica from the 70s pioneers like Eno, Jarre, Vangelis and 70s prog too, and then dance/techno from the ambient and trance ends of the scale. Who's got some recommends?

      Spotify is your friend.

      I would suggest Tycho and Solar Fields

        No it isn't. It probably should be. I'll introduce myself.

        And thanks. :-)

          Unsure if you will like them.

          Spotify is very good

          Found some good ambient albums by "various artists" the other day

          Ambient Spirit, Ambient chill and Ambient 01

          Also you can search playlists created by spotify by things like "Mood" or "EDM/Dance" and even "Sleep" (Sleep most likely to include ambient)

          EDIT** You are welcome, I have a game called last song played, I am not a muscian but I do not leave the house without earphones, and my interest range from extremes like Cattle Decapitation to Sufjan Stevens

          Last edited 07/06/16 11:13 am

            The Ambient Dub compilations were rather good. Awesome mix of Shanti (that I hit in Last Song Played) earlier) on Volume One.

            And I have very eclectic taste, although when I'm working I much prefer this sort of thing. I'm not a musician either, although I did play percussion for a few years. I have found that though I used to listen to music on foot all the time, I really can't anymore as the many years of cycling mean if I can't hear around me I'm really off-balance and disconnected from the world (and paranoid). As soon as I get on the train/tram, I'll stick on the music though.

              I just don't like to be outside without earphones, anxiety related

                I used to be the same. But cycling I found I need my ears for cars and magpies and balance and listening to the road and the wind, and now I'm the other way round - I'm more anxious if I can't hear that stuff.

                It's like I'm totally connected to the universe, man. *pulls on tie-dye shirt and lies in a muddy field*

                  It's because of this I hate driving with the windows up. Feels like trying to drive with one eye closed.

      When listening to Radio Sidewinder, i came past these guys called "Stellardrone"... You should check them out, you might like them...
      Very mellow but very awesome stuff.

      If you like 70s pioneers then you're already familiar with Klaus Schulze.

        Mainly through Tangerine Dream. Good reminder, will have to hit more of his solo work.

          If you haven't hit up his solo work before, I'm a big fan of Moondawn.

    Your parcel is onboard with your local courier franchisee and will be delivered today.

    I don't believe you.

      I have some Lego coming (hopefully) and it's been sitting in Alexandria Hub for the past two weeks! It's killing me!!!

        What Lego? Also: nooooooooooooo why still there????

        I have the RotJ Shuttle Tyderium to build the next time there's a horrid wet day.

          Wall-E, the Tardis and a Lego City train station. I buy them faster than I can build them. We are going a bit crazy because we know once the kids comes along that's it for us...

            Yeah, no Lego for kids!

            Or, the Lego will be the mass mixed bucket. :)

      Your parcel has been delivered and signed for.


      Might post a benchmark or three later.

        At once.


        Last edited 07/06/16 3:27 pm

          LOL at work with the courier envelope looking at me.

          Patience, Sir Gookathon. Patience.

    Game of Thrones! I can't believe there's only three episodes left after this one! Such an amazing season.

    Season 6 Episode 7: The Broken Recap

    Being chased by the men of the Night's Watch he betrayed by abandoning his duty, Jon Snow flees across the Northern tundra until he reaches the Iron Islands, where he steals a catamaran and, proving wrong the common myth that he knows nothing, displays an improbably high level of sailing ability as he cuts a sick wake against the stormy waves. Lord Commander Sam Tarly wistfully watches him disappear over the horizon as a single tear trickles down his cheek.

    Burdened with massive piles of gold that the Iron Bank of Braavos simply refuses to continue secure, Arya commits as much of her money as she can building a giant ass castle in the middle of town. Hoping it will crumble into dust at some point taking her and everyone else with it, she chooses the lowest bidder and tells him to "go nuts".

    Brienne, frustrated by her inability to discipline her unruly squire Podrick without also arousing him, starts trying to keep him occupied by asking him to fetch her "elbow grease", "a left handed hammer", and "fifty yards of shore line". He sets off on his quest and immediatedly falls down a well.

    Shunned by the populace but determined to protect the queens from the Night's King, Jamie and Bronn seek the assistance of their former squadmates from the Imperial Army. They're prepared to forgive him for not being a natural blonde, as long as his pecs are real and not implants. They take the following awkward silence as confirmation and agree to help.

    Daenerys, Drogon, Jorah and Jorah's unnamed bear-wife feature in a network crossover episode with the cast of Silicon Valley. Jorah hacks into the FBI database and gets everyone arrested. Erlich Bachmann starts offering handjobs in exchange for protection despite the fact he's only in a holding cell with his friends at the time. Bighead falls in love with Daenerys and asks Drogon for advice on how to ask her out. Drogon gives him poor advice as a prank, but Daenerys is apparently down for his pathetic stumbling attempt at courting by showing her his porn collection which mostly features web links to her own nude scenes. Jorah saves these to a USB despite the fact PCs don't normally exist in Westeros.

    Each morning Sansa wakes up to a small bag of coins on her nightstand and is oblivious as to why. It turns out the local townsfolk have been gathering around her window at night to listen to her talk dirty in her sleep. She feels repulsed by this at first, but ultimately accepts that a girl's gotta eat.

    Tyrion and Varys start trying to shipwreck their fleet as part of one of their roleplay escapades, and for the first time in a long time, succeed at something on purpose. The crew stand around awkwardly watching them make love on the beach for awhile, but eventually start to repair the ship so they can get back home. One of the crew remarks "Remember when we were real sailors and not pawns in an intricate sex game? Those were the days."

    Last edited 07/06/16 11:04 am

    Does anybody who actually knows about such thing have a ticket price for a day on the green?

      It looks like the tickets are in presale mode at the moment. What a lineup though!

        Apparently on the grass tickets are $100+
        Has so much uni nostalgia in that line up, so tempted but think there are other things I would prefer to do with that amount of money.

    So I think I have the VN story kinda figured out.

    Protagonist goes to a boarding school in the mountains with his female best friend (who likes girls)
    They discuss his unique condition on the journey up there.
    When they arrive, the school is all female with the exception of one guy, who happens to be gay.
    Later by himself, Protagonist laments his current situation and the god appears in cat form. However, no one else can hear the god speak, so it seems as though protag is a little insane.
    God declares that if he can help the residents with their issues, the curse will be removed.

    This allows for 3 main endings.
    Good ending
    Nothing changes ending
    Bad ending

      Waito, remind me what the guy's condition is?

        If he dates it causes a natural disaster

          Unlike my dates, which feel like I'm inflicting a natural disaster.

            Sounds exactly the same. You should demand royalties.

              At this point I will make no profit out of this. D=

      This sounds pretty workable and with the right tone would be quite enjoyable as well. The twist part is that you basically set up a bunch of character routes like a normal galge, but every one of them rather than ending in hooking up with someone, is a bad end where some horrible disaster occurs, so the correct path through is to avoid setting any flags. It's a cool idea.

      The only VN I've played that had a similar structure was Eustia, but that was slightly different. Five chapters, and the route through each chapter could branch in two ways - either the protagonist ends up with that chapter's girl (ending at a 'good end' but leaving the overall story unfinished) or continuing into the next chapter which usually involved some pretty heartbreaking decisions. I never finished it because they front-loaded the two best characters. And also it wasn't translated so it was slow going.

        I'm thinking that if you try to spare the girls (and boys) feelings, then it'll end badly. I'm now stuck on what the characters stories are.

    Dear TAY I made a friend and their name is TAY and it keeps getting autocorrected to all caps whenever I type it so I'm seemingly exuberant forever now.

    Well this is a new one or at least not one I have noticed before.
    Got linked to a board game kickstarter and it has a print and plan option which includes all the models to 3D print the figures and rest of the things needed.

      I hate to be that guy because I think it looks kind of interesting and it's cool to see something out of NZ, but I can see a bunch of issues with it though because weaboo :(

      Specifically the Oda Nobunaga card says it gives him 'Mino' province, but the Oda clan ruled Owari. Mino is the province north of there. Izu was ruled by the Hojo, not by the Imagawa. Imagawa Yoshimoto ruled Suruga (which borders on Izu). The fact these are wrong makes me assume that every detail has been fudged.

      The font he's used for a lot of the game is ridiculously hard to read, too especially with that massive black border on everything.

      I'll stick to my historically accurate card games in which the Daimyo are all cute anime girls :V

      Last edited 07/06/16 4:03 pm

        I haven't had a good look at the game, a friend tried it out a Wellicon and was posting about it more for the big pieces rather than the game itself.
        My interest was more in the concept of print and play which includes all the pieces rather than just the cards.


    this report is just dick jokes and innuendo. You're fired.

      Not actually the worst description of TAY I have ever heard

        I miss TAY-bar... that's pretty much all it was, but with more Minecraft! :P

          We should organise another one, I was only able to be one for one but it was fun

        It's probably the most accurate

    @cffndncr And for anyone else interested, this is the Battle royale from Sundays Robowar at vivid Sydney

      This is up there with the greatest things I have seen in my entire life.

      Did you see Deathroll?

    Hey Guys. If anyone of you are interested in cross-platform play for Overwatch between Xbox and PS4, you should share and sign this petition I've set up to bring it to Microsoft, Sony and Blizzard's attention.

      While I don't actually play it on console I am always for cross console supports on multiplayer games!

    Cool. Looks like the semi-reunited Guns N' Roses will be touring Australia in January.

    In other news my Slipknot ticket arrived today woooooooo. Now to only wait another 4 months & 21 days..

    Wolfenstein New Order sequel?! Yes!

      I knew it! Spoilered for new order ending -

      I knew blazkowicz couldn't be dead!

      I kind of liked the idea of them killing off Blazkowicz , it seemed like a good way to end his whole story arc... I mean, other than the fact that you hear the chopper come at the end of the credits so he's obviously alive. I'd rather to see the sequel focus on Anya or Becker - they have that super suit, so the idea of another character being able to take the same (or more) punishment than Blazkowicz isn't that far-fetched, and both characters have the potential for a really interesting narrative arc.

        I think we can agree that regardless of what they do, if Machine Games are handling it again we'll be getting something to be excited for!

    Confirmed that I'm going to PAX West \o/ Tickets secured. With spares too!

      Pffft, who goes to PAX?
      Losers, that's who!

    Last night I went to the Matilda's v New Zealand and Socceroos v Greece soccer games last night in Melbourne.

    Some thoughts;
    - The Matildas game didn't have many people, so I could hear the coaches yelling out. Never had that happen at Etihad before.
    - Eating a souvlaki before the game was obviously a bad omen for the Socceroos (who lost 2-1).
    - 5-10pm watching watching soccer is a LONG TIME
    - But it was worth is because of this:

      I went to the T20 double header between Australia and England at the G a couple of summers ago.

      I counted 19 people in the stands for the start of the women's match. My friend and I walked round and sat up behind the Southern Stars' dugout and cheered from there. By the end of the match there were probably a couple of hundred. Such a shame, it was an excellent match. But then, Friday afternoon. They keep scheduling the women at shit times.

      Glad you went though. That Greece winner was a brilliant goal.

      You going to Wallabies - England?

        I didn't know we were playing lol, when's that?

          First Test is this weekend in Brisvegas. Second Test is Saturday 18 June at the MRS.

    Hooooly craaaap... So as some of you might know, my new shiny PS4 that i got for my birthday, kicked it monday afternoon.
    I promptly got a replacement, and of course had to redownload everything.
    Now here's my query/concern/poop-myself moment...
    Does PS4 automatically copy save games to the cloud? I haven't checked yet, but will my Bloodborne save be safe?
    Otherwise I have to do it all over again and i might cry :P

      Do you have PS+? Did you set your PS4 as your account's primary PS4? If yes to both, then yes, it's uploaded to the cloud automatically, assuming you had Automatic Updates enabled.

      Last edited 08/06/16 8:34 am

        Yes and Yes, and i believe so!
        Hope restored a little until i get home and discover otherwise :P

      Mine's just started doing the disc eject thing again. :( Didn't do it for months, then the last firmware update it started doing it again straight away. Fiddled with it, and it seemed to stop, but it's back. Grrr.

        Well that's not ideal!
        Does PS4's have a high failure rate or was I just unlucky?
        Does that mean you have to send it in for repairs now?

          Nah, I'll do all the fiddling that makes the problem stop. If I have to send it for repairs, I'll have to find the old 500GB drive and put it back in...

      I know your PS4 but my Xbox does all this automatically (see FAQ reference below)

      I'd assumed Sony would have done this as well, Cloud Saves is just...I don't know, great idea, I hadn't even thought about it not doing it.

      "What's stored on my hard drive, and what's stored in the cloud?
      Your data is stored to both your hard drive and the cloud simultaneously."

    Last song played game time!!

    I.E.D. by Killer Be Killed

    What was YOUR last song played?

      Dead Can Dance - Opium

        Mine is now Puzzled by People by The Streets

        Did you check out Spotify?

          No. I was working 'til stupid o'clock. When I got home I pissed about installing new gfx card and then went to bed...

          ...but I will.

      When Death Comes Knocking - Primal Fear.

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