The Last Guardian Is Actually Coming Out On October 25

The Last Guardian continues to be a real, actual video game that we will be able to really and truly play in a few short months. On October 25, 2016, to be precise.


    That's great, but you'd think after 5 odd years and moving from ps3 to ps4 the graphics would be somewhat improved.

      Team ICO have always had pseudo HDR, overblown highlights, and that particular look. It's not a PS3 thing. It's a Team ICO thing. I think it looks great.

    Just in time for PSVR? They didn't mention anything about VR support at the E3 conference, so perhaps not. Still, you never know.

      Do you want to play the game this decade or not? ;)

        Yeah, yeah. This decade would be preferable.

        All I'm sayin' is that the timing is suspiciously close to the PSVR release date. Probably coincidence, though.

          Well even without VR functionality it'll help add value to the proposition of getting a PS4 for those without one who are contemplating the cost of PSVR.

    But what am I going to have to look forward to if they actually release it?!!? :(

      The sequel to Eternal Darkness?

        To think they went from making Eternal Darkness and decided to go with Too Human as their next game... how quickly they fell down. I so wish there was an Eternal Darkness sequel or hell even a remake would be good.

          Doesn't help either that one of the sanity effects states the story continues in the sequel.

    October 25? Shit... Looks like I need to sell a kidney...

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