Sony Calls The Last Guardian’s E3 Listing ‘Pure Speculation’

Sony Calls The Last Guardian’s E3 Listing ‘Pure Speculation’

E3 website has a listing for long-delayed PS3 title The Last Guardian. But does that mean the game is coming to E3?

Kotaku reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and asked if Sony would be showing The Last Guardian at E3. The Sony spokesperson said the listing was “not true”, adding that it “looks like pure speculation”.

Earlier this year, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said, “We are waiting for the right time to re-introduce The Last Guardian“.

Sony Calls The Last Guardian’s E3 Listing ‘Pure Speculation’

The game was teased back in 2008 and has been plagued by cancellation rumours.


  • I’ve said it before, they scrapped what they were originally working on for PS3 are re-developing it for PS4, no brainer.

  • has there ever been a console game that was delayed so many times it missed the generation of the console it was being designed for?

    • Duke Nukem Forever would’ve started life in the PS1 generation I think, also there’s countless examples of Xbox 1 games being re-purposed to 360, Crackdown and Kameo spring to mind and other N64 games that were directed to the Gamecube like Starfox Adventures and Animal Crossing

  • I’ve played through Shadow of the Colossus more times than I can count. I finished it in Hard Mode, I finished it in Time Attack mode, I’ve nearly finished it in Hard Time Attack mode, and I’ve done everything I possibly can in the game, albeit the things I have to finish Hard Time Attack mode to do, at least twice over.

    Don’t get me wrong, Shadow of the Colossus is my favourite game of all time, but god damn The Last Guardian is tearing me apart. I need me some new Team Ico, stat.

  • It’ll be nice if it really does end up being at e3 though at this point I think I’d prefer it it was a PS4 title since thats coming out this year. Its been in development soo long that it will look very dated otherwise…

  • I’m willing to bet a virtual pizza that this is misdirection, and that it will show up at the end of their conference.

  • Uhh why would it look “very dated” if it were to be released on PS3? That makes no sense. It’s quite common for games to be in development for years. Granted, TLG has been cooking a bit longer than most but that doesn’t mean it’s going to look dated. This isn’t DNF which was restarted many times, changed developers and missed several generations over the course of almost 13 years. There’s no reason it would be outdated – Sony & Team Ico have already said its going to be a PS3 title. Make no mistake, the PS3 still has plenty of life left in it, Sony said they had planned a 10 year lifespan for the PS3. Its only been 6 years and there are plenty of people who have been looking forward to TLG who also won’t be buying a PS4 on release.

    Personally, I think it may be the PS3s big bang, send off title. Skipping too many generations and troubled development cycles, as well as….Well just look up what DNF went through. That’s what causes issues.

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