The New Deus Ex Has A Puzzle Mode

The New Deus Ex Has A Puzzle Mode

I’d always pictured the game’s stealth elements as a puzzle of sorts, but apparently that’s not enough for Square Enix. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is getting a real puzzle mode, and it’s called Breach.

It’s a single-player only affair where players hack into corporate servers to steal data. (Sound like Watch Dogs much?) Finishing Breach missions gets you credits, XP and booster packs, which you can then use to upgrade your abilities further.

Visually, it’s a little reminiscent of SUPERHOT but without the glaring white/red contrast. You’ll be able to battle your friends through leaderboards and custom missions as well, and Eidos Montreal says they’ll continue patching the game well after Mankind Divided launches on August 23.


  • I have very big expectations from this game as the last one made my top 10 of all time list.
    Additional features will be greatly wanted by me because after beating the story of the last game, there wasnt much left to do after that.

    Fingers Crossed.

    • The way they bollocksed up the boss fights in HR punted the game way out of my top 10.

      The director’s cut was a huge improvement though, and with all of the other additions it’s one of my favourite wii u games and gets an annual replay.

      I hope they’ve learned their lessons from HR, even though the preorder malarkey would indicate the marketing team hasn’t changed.

      • Between the three tyrant fights, and the push-button ending, that adds up to 20 minutes of mediocrity in an otherwise fantastic game. It’d probably be in my top 10 – very close at least.

        • The first time I played HR I got up to Barrett, died several times, then gave up.

          I didn’t play it again until the director’s cut was released.

          • Ouch, I can understand why that’d sour your opinion of it. Whatsherface down in Montreal gave me more trouble on my first run through, kept getting electrocuted.

          • You could at least 1 shot her right at the start of the battle iirc. The other 2 boss fights were garbage though.

            If they do learn from their mistakes then this could be one amazing game. The directors cut of HR was definitely up there with some of the best games I’ve played ever. I agree with you when you said minus the bosses and the push button ending, it was spectacular.

  • I love the Deus Ex series, but I get soo bored with the overused American propaganda machine, the constant use of buzz words like Conspiracy and Corporations, lower class citizens revolting against their government, burning overturned cars.

    It’s probably ruined for me because every government-hating, hardcore conspiracy theorists I’ve met in person are all habitual users of drugs.

  • Awh. I was kind of hoping that this was a stand-alone thing coming out in advance of the main event. Something to hype us up, getting us acclimated to the style, etc.

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