What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend after E3 is always a bit weird for playing video games.


But this year it's different, mostly because I'm starting to get into Overwatch and I'm loving it.

Before I'd been busy with games like Dark Souls 3 (playing through NG+ right now) and Uncharted 4, but now I've decided to spend a bit more time with Overwatch and damn. It really is as good as people say it is.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to get on board. To be honest I thought... online shooter, MOBA elements, a million different characters to chose from — I'm gonna be out of my depth here. I don't really have the time to play an online shooter seriously, particularly when I want to keep up-to-date with new releases.

Here's what I've found: you don't necessarily need to understand all of the characters in Overwatch. You just need to find three or four you're comfortable playing with. I'm at that point now and I'm really, really enjoying it.

What are you all playing this weekend?



    Actually, understanding and playing all of the characters is a huge advantage. E.g. when you go up against Roadhog or McCree and being able to time their cooldowns on hook or flashbang can be a life-saver.

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      The thing I love most about it is how every hero can make noticeable contributions to the fight in different ways. And in the hands of good players, heroes that might not seem like a big deal suddenly become devastating forces.

      That said, they all have strengths and weaknesses, and playing to the holes in the enemy team's roster is also a big factor to winning.

      Probably won't see to many McCree's around anymore, however I do agree better understanding of heroes can help towards overcoming their obstacles. for example learning the limitations of how Genji and Tracer avoid damage and move around can help minimize their effectiveness and spot when they are overextending or in a downtime.

    Overwatch. That is, as much as I can on my PS4 without running into repeated disconnect errors.

    Is anyone else getting them? I see it's reported online a fair bit, but not sure how widespread or prevalent it is. I recon it's a PSN/Battlenet issue, as all my other devices connect just fine, and a lot of other games on my PS4 have been having trouble connecting lately to the PSN.

      I haven't been getting disconnect. I occasionally get bizarre lag or wi-fi/bluetooth interference but since I prioritised my QoS and put my PS4 in a DMZ things have been relatively good.

        Yeah I get the feeling that these disconnect issues are kind of rare. Even for me they're pretty intermittent. The first couple of sessions I played were smooth. then the next were terrible. Last night was pretty solid. So it's weird.

        I have put my PS4 on DMZ as well, and I've played online before with my current setup without issue. So it's doubly frustrating that, even though I've changed nothing, I'm hitting some serious hurdles.

    Chronicles runescape legends and star wars battlefront.

    Overwatch, Destiny, The Crew and maybe even some Witcher 3 :)

    Lego Dimensions. I bit the bullet and bought everything I needed to get all the gold brinks and minikit pieces so I'd best play it to get my money's worth.

    Also I might buy Doom on PC since I tried the demo and it actually ran nice and smooth.

    Most likely just Overwatch, maybe Fire Emblem Fates but I've been struggling to build up the enthusiasm to dig into it.

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      I had a rage moment in FE Fates today. I am playing classic and so have been painstakingly setting up enemy encounters in the safest possible way. On one mission I got through the whole thing and then some bastard spearman critted Rinkah on about a 2% chance. I thought, right, no way am I dying to such a cheap shot. Usually if I screw up and a character dies (family excepted) I'll let it lie.

        I had the same thing! ...Except I rage quit...

        I had Oboro with a Beast Killer up against Keaton with a 98% chance to hit and she missed. He took his turn and wiped her out in 1 hit. I can't allow Oboro, Orochi, or Setsuna to die! They are too damn funny.

    I just bought dark souls 1 and 2 when a sale happened on steam, so I'll be getting into that.

    I'm using my xbone controller, and I couldn't get the kick or leap attack to work according to the on-screen commands. What's with that?

      Leap you hold down dodge & then let go & tap again. It's hard on purpose because Dark Souls.

      Kick is also hard, I can almost never pull it off, but it's not essential. It's like a tap of the analogue at the same time as attack I think.

        Not dodge, is it Sprint I'm thinking of? I can't remember, I just do it automatically now :-/

      The kick is always a bit finnicky, but you need to push forward on the left stick before hitting the attack button. Timing wise I tend to get it most when you flick forward and then hit attack just afterwards. The jumping attack is a flick of the left stick and Right Trigger, shits hard to get used to.

        I'm used to fighting games, but it feels weird to have such tight timings in this genre.

    Probably some more Russian Star Wars Space fantasy MMO (Skyforge), some Total War: Warhammer, the campaign for War of the Overworld and probably some Bravely Second.

    I always get it wrong, but...

    Been doing the Far Harbour dlc in Fallout 4. Pretty fun so far, met some interesting characters.

    May jump into Elder Scrolls Online, who knows.

    I mostly play on the train, but Axiom Verge has gotten a lot more fun now that I have some upgrades. The music is even starting to grow on me.

    The Resident evil Demo...
    I played a bit last night, I thought it was gonna be the next PT.
    While it's pretty darn creepy and scary, I feel like the graphics are a little dated...
    Bloody uncharted 4 has spoilt me...

      I agree, but they did feel very "Resident Evil-y", so I forgave a few rubbish textures and stiff movement.

    Probably get some more knitting done, I need to test out a few patterns. Other than that might finish another level in doom or try and get to the free roam option in the Crew so I can just cruise around america in a muscle car.

    Witcher 3! First zone was so-so, but I'm loving Velen.

    Overwatch, Odin Sphere demo, Grand Kingdom (if it actually releases today) and Fire Emblem: Revelation are my main focus this weekend.

      Is that Odin Sphere demo actually out yet? I can't find it anywhere :/

    Going thru the stack of free stuff I've snared in the past week!

    Halo Wars 2 beta (I've never played an RTS so this should be interesting)

    Doom demo - fast! Very fast was how I'd describe it

    XCom EU: Played a demo of this year's ago it was kinda cool

    The Crew: Have wanted to play this for some time, bold enough to promise an open world United States!

    I have a boxed DRM free copy of this on PC as well (like it just runs off a DVD disc!! Maybe I'll get onto this

    Dragon Age Inquisition (my son wanted to try this for some reason and with free EA access I guess I'll be living thru this on the weekend!)

    Also Left 4 Dead and Portal 2 just went BC subtracting a few more GB from my storage

      Ah man, as a huge fan of Halo Wars I really want to play the beta. Specifically so that I can start bitching about how 343 ruined it.


      you should break the nda and tell us about it, it'd be in the spirit of the game.

        Haha, fortunately that won't be a problem. Checked the website and Boss Key are actually actively encouraging people to stream and upload gameplay footage.

          Really? Damn that's cook of them

    Not much. Kind of between homes/lives at the moment, so whatever comes my way, really.

    FF7, Doing a solo character run with Tifa... there are reasons

      What? You can play the entire game with just Tifa?

        Well, kinda.

        You kill the other two and never phoenix down them. Any battle that has them start at full health? You have to kill them before you attack the boss.

        It's slightly sad that I've done this with all the characters... yeah, even late acquired characters.

        Because FF7 is so damn easy theres a bunch of custom game modes with terribly long acronyms

        Like sometimes I do an HDINS run: Half Day In No Saves :)

        No materia runs or initial equipment runs..

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          That's incredible.

            There's an achievement in FF8 on Steam for finishing the game with Squall at level 1.

    Just starting Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine and will probably mix it up with TWD: Michonne.

    Probably try and finish 100%ing lego the hobbit and lego dimensions during the day playing co-op with the boy. And at night I think god of war 3 remastered, for some reason I never made it past the first "boss" (posiedon I think it was from memory) on ps3.

    Also, for Serrels - it's good to have a solid understanding of one hero in each class, so if you see your team needs a tank, you know how to use at least one tank. same for support, attack, builder, sniper. Just pick one out of each class and get to know them in case of emergency. Still doesn't stop you from having a preference, but in a pinch, being able to add support when your team needs it can help heaps. And knowing 5 heroes is easier than fully grasping all of them.

    Another thing I've noticed is to know when to switch heroes. As soon as you sense that your team is facing an uphill battle and needs something, switch to what you think is best. If you're close to a spawn point then it's easy. Otherwise, you gotta die and respawn.

    Just my 2c.

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for me, and it's honestly my favourite game in the trilogy. Great battle system, plenty of content and large open worlds to explore. Shame about the convoluted story though. I started Final Fantasy XIII-2 last week but gave up on it 5 hours in. Hated it.

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