Blizzard Announces Overwatch's Next Hero: Ana

Get ready for heal-snipes. Blizzard today revealed the next playable character in Overwatch, and as had been rumoured, it's a long-range healer. Meet Ana. Ana, who is Pharah's mother and a sniper support character, has a Biotic rifle that both heals allies and does "ongoing damage" to enemies. She's also got a sleep dart (putting enemies to bed), a biotic grenade that works similarly to her rifle and an ability called Nano Boost that buffs allies' speed, attack and defence.

There's no release date for Ana yet, but Blizzard says she's coming soon. Check out some gameplay footage (RIP McCree):

And here's her origin story:


    Good but that sleep dart, well at least now there will be something more annoying than Mei's freeze and McCree's stun. I like that it can stun people out of their ults but putting them to sleep for a few seconds seems a bit too much.

      I'd rather be put to sleep than hooked by Roadhog, tbh.

        Just popped through the link to read up on her abilities and seems any damage wakes you from sleep so not as annoying as it could be. As you say no more annoying that getting shanked by road hog. Less annoying imho than Mei cause you've almost no chance of getting away from her freeze. (On the subject of annoying, why does McRee's flash bang still stun you if you are facing away from him? By that logic genjis deflect should work for shots from behind)

        Looks like Ana's potential is only going to be realised for teams with good communication, which rules out most pub matches... Grenade that does a bit of heals but also increases heals from any other source, stun darts that only work if no one else damages the person, and an Ult that increases the speed/damage of anther player. That Ult will be awesome on an Ult-ing Winston or Genji though....

          My guess is that a Winston with an ana and a mercy running around will be horrifying on cap points.

            ... add a "break it down" and speed boost from Lucio... Winston becomes an indestructible blur of doom....

            Damn now I need to find three reliable team mates to try this...

      My guess is it'll be short range and be more of a defense like Widow's venom mine.

    is that Shohreh Aghdashloo ?

      That's what I thought but apparently the VA is Egyptian.

    Anyone else looking forward to games with a Hanzo, Widowmaker and now an Ana all hanging back while the rest of the team desperately tries to push the objective through a Mei, two Torbjorns, a bastion and a reinheart (blocking all the snipers shots of course)....?

    on the plus side, hopefully at least one of the XxXSickbroNoscopeheadshotsForLIFEXxX clan who was going to choose sniper anyway will at least choose a healing sniper....

      You just know there are going to be rage moments when Ana is too busy scoping enemies to heal teammates that are dying on the objective in the final seconds.

        That's when the "avoid this player" option would be handy.

          If only...

            Or even add an extra segment tot he report function. The Twat report function. Why are you reporting this player. they are a twat and not working as a teammate

              It will be implemented like this on consoles:

              Would you like to report this twat?

              Press Y or N

    How about some more of those nice animated shorts to let us know a bit more about the current characters?

      More info would be nice. Why are there several Torbs in my match? Clones? Yeah they're probably all government sanctioned clones.

      *adjusts tinfoil hat*

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