Get Ready For EVO With This Great FGC Documentary

Video: To help fans (or curious onlookers) get psyched for EVO 2016, which goes down in Las Vegas this weekend, the creators of the excellent documentary FGC: Rise of the Fighting Game Community have made it free to watch on YouTube. If you like it, you can still help them out by buying the deluxe edition of the film, which comes with stuff like extra interviews and DRM-free versions of the documentary.


    Over the last couple of years I've totally gotten into fighting games. Pokken is the first I've competed in, and the top 8 matches from the last couple of US majors have been spectacular to watch.

    Evo has a 10k USD top prize and over 1100 entrants for it, which is pretty epic for such a "small" game.

    Also SFV and smash. High level smash (particularly melee) is pretty incomprehensible to me, though.

    Been watching the YouTuber, The Completionist be taught and practice SFV for EVO all year long.
    His group has a side channel called Super Couch Fighters that focus on fighting games and have a great series called The Dojo that teaches the fundamentals of Street Fighter V.

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