Nick Kyrgios Is Smashing Novak Djokovic And Roger Federer At Pokemon GO

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Nick Kyrgios: he gets a bit of a hard time in the press.

Case in point: his recent embarrassing defeat at Wimbledon. While opponent Andy Murray was preparing for their match, Kyrgios freely admitted he was in his hotel playing PlayStation games. That didn't go down too well with critics.

But Kyrgios' love of video games continues unabated with — you guessed it — Pokemon GO. This has resulted in some fairly hilarious twitter repartee.

It all started with this tweet.

Yep, the Australian media is gonna love that.

But it did result in this reply from the official Rogers Cup Twitter account:

This was by far the greatest exchange:

I've had a quick scour of Novak and Federer's twitter accounts — no mention of Pokemon GO so far, so he's probably right. Nole and Fed probably don't have a 2000CP Gyarados.

Might be worth checking if Kyrgios is on his mobile phone during his next match.


    I'm going to be that guy and just say that Nick Kyrgios is one of the worst people I can imagine representing Australia on a global stage even if it is as unimportant a stage as sport. I've never, and never will, rooted for him in any of his matches because of his awful behaviour and the next best Australian Tennis figure in Tomic is no better.

      Why do people think that all professional athletes are under some obligation to be ambassadors for their country. He found something he's good at and makes a very comfortable living from it. He doesn't owe Australia or you anything.

        Basic courtesy and professionalism are expected of everyone, in every job. He doesn't have to 'owe' people anything for those things to be expected. That aside, he trained under an AIS scholarship, which is taxpayer-funded.

        Its actually because its part of the job that are signed up to. there are lots of people who play sport who have the talent to represent their country but they never get picked because they dont want to have to deal with interviews, speeches etc. case in point, to be selected to part of our cricket team, not only do you have to be talented, but you also have to gel with the rest of the team and on top of that you must participate in media interviews

    When he plays internationally he is representing Australia. That comes with a responsibility because for many people he is likely to be the majority of what they see of Australian culture.

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