Hey, Nick Kyrgios Isn't Half Bad At Call Of Duty

We've written before about Nick Kyrgios' penchant for video games, and his potential for brutalising other tennis players in the virtual arena. Naturally, it's not hard to imagine that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is his kind of game.

The Australian tennis star, who once spoke about playing Pokemon Go more than tennis, is playing Call of Duty right now with Aussie Call of Duty professional Conrad "Shockz" Rymarek from Mindfreak.

You can watch the stream below. They're having a relatively good time, chatting about the pro COD and tennis scenes from time to time. While I've been watching, Kyrgios has deflected a few cheeky remarks about not training - pointing out that you can't train 24/7, which is totally fair.

"I'd rather play this [than tennis] to be honest," Kyrgios quipped, revealing that he also doesn't have a coach at the moment.

The tennis star isn't half bad at the game, either. He's fairly passive - which is interesting given his on-court style - and his aim is pretty good for an amateur, and he makes pretty sensible moment-to-moment decisions. And Kyrgios makes a great point: Domination was totally better as a 6v6 game. Tournaments are easier to organise around teams of five, though.

And we might even see Kyrgios at a Call of Duty event next year, the way this stream is going.


    After playing destiny, I havent been back. Cant see the what draws people to this. To each their own I Geuss.

      It's just a constant adrenaline high. Kind of like what Quake 3/UT99 was back in the day for a ton of people, engagement after engagement.

    Bet he is shit tonnes better at CoD than he is at tennis these days, but that is more likely an indication of his tennis prowess or lack there of.

      He comes off as a wanker pretty often but he is a massively talented tennis player. Anyone who knows their stuff wouldn't call his prowess into question.

      So you're saying he's one of the top 35 CoD players in the world right now..............

      OK then....

    Look at that auto-aim when the guy slides past him...wow console is ridiculous.

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