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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode is an excellent battle royale experience, but since it launched, one annoying thing has become clear: Equipment is OP. Find the best equipment scattered around the map and you’ll be at a serious advantage even against players who can outshoot you.

Matches are often won based off the equipment in a player’s inventory, or lost due to the lack thereof.


We've written before about Nick Kyrgios' penchant for video games, and his potential for brutalising other tennis players in the virtual arena. Naturally, it's not hard to imagine that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is his kind of game.


Jumping into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 can be a little disorienting for people returning to the series after a bit of a hiatus. Thankfully, the game offers a "Specialist Headquarters" that warms up players by showing them how to utilise each character.


I'd just come home from work, a three-hour train ride, and I'd spent half an hour having a quick Call of Duty scrim with some former Counter-Strike friends. We'd largely abandoned CS competitively by that stage, due to a combination of work, fatigue with the scene or changing lives, and played Call of Duty 4 for fun instead.

It was still organised, but without the divisive thirst for blood. And that environment inadvertently led my Dad to make a passing remark one evening, a comment at the dinner table that I've never forgotten to this day.

"You're laughing a lot more these days," he said.


It isn't quite official yet, but it's a near-certainty that the next Call of Duty is Black Ops 4. Rumours have been swirling about this for a few weeks now (as first reported by Eurogamer), and Kotaku can confirm via our own sources that those rumours are true. Plus, there's today's assist from a future NBA MVP.