No Trace Is 'Assassin Simulator 2016', And It Looks Fantastic

It's called No Trace and it looks intriguing.

Imagine a top-down, indie version of Hitman and you're halfway there. It's a video game about assassinating targets, but it also appears to have a real strategy element to it.

In short: No Trace is Assassin Simulator 2016 and I am extremely down with that.

The Hitman comparison is an obvious one, but it's most likely a little lazy. It looks like No Trace will involve a lot more pre-planning. The top-down perspective appears to really allow players to plan ahead without necessarily exploring. That's always required in Hitman, and always resulted in a bit more of a trial and error approach. You can't really plan a seamless execution in Hitman games without fully exploring each area and intimately understanding the space, tools and enemies you're working with. No Trace, with it's top-down perspective, makes that part of the game a little more accessible — you can see each room, you can see what's inside and you can see the enemies you're gonna need to avoid/brutally murder.

You can see how it plays here:

And also here:

No Trace has an 'inspection mode', which allows players to pause the game and look around every section of the map, resulting in what looks like a far more meticulous style of play. Again: less reaction based, and more based on planning.

I really need a piece of this video game.


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