Pokemon GO Is Getting An Update Very Soon

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Ever since Pokemon GO launched last week, there have been problems. So many problems, in fact, that developers Niantic opted to halt the game's international rollout until they could shore up the game's stability and performance.

But a patch is on the way, thanks to an indication from Apple.

An anonymous tipster has told Kotaku Australia that a patch for Pokemon GO was pushed out on Apple's TestFlight service, a platform for developers to test apps for the iOS, watchOS and tvOS apps before their eventual release on the wider App Store.

According to our tipster, the update warned users that they could lose all their progress upon installation. As a result, they chose not to install the update — and shortly thereafter, the patch was pulled from TestFlight.

As to what might be in the update, the best indication so far is a statement from Niantic regarding the account creation process for Pokemon GO on iOS. In a statement to Polygon and other outlets, they said that they were "working on a client-side fix" to ensure Pokemon GO only requests "basic Google profile information, in line with the data that we actually access".

"Google will soon reduce Pokemon GO's permission to only the basic profile data that Pokémon GO needs, and users do not need to take any actions themselves," the company said.


    maybe they can do something about the 500+mb it chews up when running

      I think thats just you. Ive used 160mb in 5 days

      Go to google maps and download the map of the area you most likely play in. That way the game uses cached data for the maps.
      Ingress players used the same trick.

        Google engineer confirmed that that's not how it works. It would be a major security flaw if apps did that.

          Not that I don't believe you, but mind throwing me a link to where this was said?

          it's fairly easy to assume that guy is right, Apps don't generally have access to cached data of other apps ,etc. On the flip side this would be a great feature for the game

        That doesnt actually work:

      48mb used since Saturday. I'm only at level 7 though - how much have you played in a week?

      can confirm it's just you, many users have tracked the data usage and it's not much at all. Check the subreddit

      ? Pokemon Go has been getting praised for how little data it uses. Must be something else doing that.

      I've used about 7% (level 13 now) of what you mentioned, unless you are referring to system ram lol

      Last edited 13/07/16 2:36 pm

    OK, call me crazy but the fact there's a cap of 250 and the characters seem to know techniques that weren't in the original game (Red/Blue/Yellow), that obviously means we're going to see more of them added before long as well?

    As soon as interest looks to taper off (as it always does with the platform), I can see them unleashing each new generation. That's both absolutely brilliant and terrifying all the same.

      The 250 pokemon storage cap can be increased via micro transactions (200 coins for an increase of 50 slots). It was higher during the beta, but I guess they found not enough people were buying the storage upgrades.

      And with the current game mechanics, I'm not sure adding more pokemon types would improve the game. The game currently revolves around catching duplicates in order to evolve or power up an individual pokemon. The more types in the game, the smaller chance of finding a dupe. They probably will add more later, but I suspect it will be after some new mechanics are introduced.

      The default storage capacity would most likely be increased if they suddenly added more.

      At most you need 16 pokemon... 6 gym fighters and 10 gym defenders. If your min maxing effeciencies in combat maybe another 20.

      Even if you did catch 250 pokemon... 130 of them would be Zubat.

    That is bag upgrade not pokemon. The 250 refers to the actual number of poke species.

      There are only 151 pokemon (from the original red/blue then yellow games) available in Go. For now. There's no way they won't add more.

    Got the update, it's just as crashy. though mine seems to crash more than most. latested ios (before10) on an iphone 5

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