Pokémon GO Update Fixes Crashes, Google Security Concerns

Pokémon Go Update Fixes Crashes, Google Security Concerns

An iOS update that went live for Pokémon GO this morning fixes some bugs and will stop the popular app from requesting access to your entire Google account. Now the game will only ask for basic information like your name and email — and now it will give you a warning first. The update also promises added stability and bug fixes, including a tweak for players who found themselves having to enter their usernames and passwords over and over again. Full patch notes:

- Trainers do not to have to enter their username and password repeatedly after a force log out

- Added stability to Pokémon Trainer Club account log-in process

- Resolved issues causing crashes

- Fixed Google account scope

"Again, we are humbled by the overwhelming response," the developers added. "Thank you!"

This patch comes a day after users discovered that Pokémon GO asked many iOS users for complete access to their Google accounts. Developer Niantic later said that requesting that much information had been a mistake.


    “Again, we are humbled by the overwhelming response,” the developers added. “Thank you!”

    Overwhelming response...

    Wait, so they didn't think that Pokemon on a mobile platform would be this popular?

      I honestly think that's the case. EVERYBODY seems to be playing it!

        Yeah, it's a little scary. People who are meant to be working play it, people behind the wheel of a car also play it.

      It would be impossible for them to predict just how huge the uptake would be. It's bigger than tinder and twitter and hasn't even gone global yet.

      I don't think they expected it to be THIS popular.

        1. It's Pokemon

        2. It's free

        3. It's on a phone... Everyone has a phone...

          I don't think they could have possibly predicted that the number of daily users would eclipse Twitter, but that's exactly what's happening, and it hasn't even launched globally yet.

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            Precisely. I know plenty of people who are not really into pokemon (like myself) who are really enjoying it.

            I'm finding it just a really good excuse to get up off the couch and get my arse out the door. Gamification! (Yes ... is a real word) Take something you know you should do (but find excuses not to do) and turn it into a game. This gamifies getting out and getting active. Awesome idea!

      I'm sure they expected the game to be huge among the past and present fan base, that was always going to happen.

      But I think it's more the people who weren't traditionally fans of Pokemon who are pushing the numbers sky high.
      Yesterday at work many of the office staff were going mad over Pokemon GO, most of them never played or watched Pokemon and each had stories about how their friends or kids got them hooked on it during the weekend.
      One younger girl asked me about it on Monday and was showing me her lvl 7 trainer and (annoyingly diverse roster) on Tuesday, she knew next to nothing about Pokemon.
      (She asked me if she has to catch them all...........I replied that she doesn't have to, but it's heavily implied xD)

      Last edited 13/07/16 11:42 am

    mine has crashed twice since the update last night....so....
    and then there's the server issues too...

    Anyone know how to recap any lost coins or purchases after a crash??

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