Static Podcast: What Was Your First Comic Series?

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In this week's episode: when gambling meets gaming, app privacy, night owls vs early birds and we answer your question: what was the first comic you got into?

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In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

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    Beano was probably the first comic I read semiregularly.

    The short-lived Scream! was very good. And of course I read 2000AD...

    Then I had a break for a few years, and got back into comics when Dark Horse released Aliens and Predator, then went through stuff like Concrete and Preacher. Still have about 6 or 7 titles on the standing order.

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    I remember my grandmother bought me my very first Spiderman comic, 'Marvel Tales - Featuring Spider' and it starred Dazzler, Spiderman, Clock and Dagger and the villain Tarantuala ... now if I could only find it again ....

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    Simpsons/Bongo comics.

    Where can I find info on these? Does anybody remember them?

    The SImpsons ones were pretty straight forward but then they went crazy with some. They were weirdly post-modern in that they had 'letters' segments from people and would jump from issue to issue

    Garfield probably doesn't count, so in that case it was probably Asterix. I've never been much of a big comic book fan though.

      I would have said old copies of The Phantom, but I think if Asterix counts as a series (I seem to remember them more as self-contained stories) that would also have been my first.

        They were mostly self contained stories yes (apart from a couple of direct sequels) with a loose overarching plot connecting them together, but I'd still call the books a series.

    My Grandpa broke out of the attic for me a copy of Dad's The Phantom, in black and white. He had a garbage bag at least 7kg worth of Marvel Comics that he had saved away.

    still got a suitcase full of my dads 70s comics. mainly read old richie rich and some horror type stuff he had (boris kharlof, ripleys believe it or not, twilight zone) when i was really young. phatom too and asterix and tintin from the library.

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    Asterix and Tintin would have been my first western comics, before that it was mainly Dragon Ball.

    Teen Dog, in 2014.

    Bought, at least. Used to read lots of Tintin, Asterix and Bob & Bobette in the primary school library though.

    Mortal Kombat. I still have them somewhere.

    Ha, early morning grunt. That's me every day, get greeted when I get out of bed and can only respond with some zombie-like groan. Takes way too so long to boot up in the morning, though my throat is crap and usually blocks me from talking too.

    I'm a total night owl, most productive from around 12:30 at night onwards. I'll stay up til anywhere between 5-7am if I'm on a roll with something (or just really distracted). It keeps happening lately >_> I dunno if I'd want to actually work then though.

    Ha, just got to the bit where Alex talked about the comics he read. Hello comicfriend :P

    Apart from an early 2000AD addiction in the 70s, and falling in love with Halo Jones (man I want a movie of that !) Marvel's Atari Force was the first complete series I got into.
    I read it again recently, and it really holds up, great art, really unique and a good story arc.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures by Archie Publishing. Still have the very first issue I got too (issue 25) and I'm still trying to find the remaining issues from that series to complete the collection

    My serious comic collecting began with Transformers. Both the US and UK versions.

    MAD Magazine. The first one I remember buying was the Batman Returns issue, although had some before that I think came from showbags maybe?
    Bought them for ages, but most ended up getting confiscated by teachers.

    Also ended up with a few copies of Australian Cracked, but it was never as good as MAD.

    Judge Dredd...or more specifically like @poita 2000AD. I even still have all of them from the 80's & 90's stowed away in a cupboard

    I was immediately drawn to Manga. Masaomi Kanzaki's Heavy Metal Warrior Xenon, in the late 80's. Mysteriously disappeared school student returns with amnesia and -GASP!- IS A CYBORG!

    I loved the artwork so much that I started emulating the style when I illustrated. My art teacher said I had a great sense of shapes, and it was all from Masaomi Kanzaki's bold style.

    Questionably legal black and white Australian reprints of various DC comics compressed into 'annuals' using the cheapest imaginable paper.

    Xmen, I remember scouring an old second hand book store for anything I could find when I was young; this was inspired by the seminal nineties cartoon, I've been collecting comics ever since.
    Of course I was exposed to things like the Phantom and duck tales comics when I was younger but never chased after them.

    Actually there were those random Xmen comics that came from showbags at the Easter Show forever ago. If they count.

    I started with manga. But my 1st run into american comics started with Y - The last man followed by V for vendetta and then invincible which i still read to this day.

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