That's Not How Pokemon GO Works, Michael Page

Contrary to Michael "Venom" Page's demonstration at tonight's Bellator MMA match indicates, one does not need to jump knee their Pokémon in the face before catching them in Pokémon Go. Though I suppose it wouldn't hurt. Or it would. A lot.

Page is known for his unorthodox fighting style, which might explain why he followed up his devastating jump knee to Evangelista "Cyborg"'s face at the recent Bellator MMA match in London by tossing one of his balls at his downed opponent.

My favourite is the Yatta! pose at the end. Oh Venom, Chun-Li would destroy you, and she wouldn't need any Pokeballs to do it.

Update: Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos, the fighter on the losing end of Michael Page's Pokemon GO grandstanding, was hospitalised following the match with a serious compound fracture to his skull. A GoFundMe has been set up (warning: graphic image) to help cover his medical expenses.


    Ever since the news that the guy who got kneed in the head suffered a serious and possibly career ending injury, this now seems in super poor taste.

      Was it ever in good taste? Seems pretty disrespectful to be doing that sort of crap in the first place.

        TBH it's a lot of bad timing. Had this just been another TKO with no serious injury i think it would have been fine. To Page's credit he has been on social media putting out the links to the gofundme to help this poor bastard.

    Images of the aftermath are truly horrifying....tyring to get mainstream attention to cage fighting may have backfired a bit here

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