The Best Pokemon GO Sightings

What's the coolest place you've seen pocket monsters popping up in Pokemon GO?

A steady stream of awesome Pokemon GO sightings have been pouring onto the internet since the game launched, and while we've caught some real gems at places like churches and toilets, there are just too many to collect all the really outstanding ones.

That is, unless we all work together. If you catch a particularly hilarious, beautiful or otherwise striking pictures of Pokemon preparing to be caught or presiding over particularly poignant gyms, bring them here and add to the pile.

We'll start.

If it were up to me, this Clefairy would rule the Westboro Baptist Church gym for all eternity. Unfortunately it belongs to a Team Instinct player, so it's likely been removed 20 times over by now.

Redditor Bringther1ot not only secured a brand new Pidgey, shortly afterwards he found a small female child that had been hiding in his wife for months.

It's not that the Zubat is hovering off the side of a mountain, daring the trainer to come a little closer, but the fact that the trainer in question is the chief technology officer of Does this mean Alexa will soon be alerting us to nearby Pokemon? Probably not.

There are three to get you started. Now show us the best Pokemon GO sightings you've come across in the comments below!


    If my wife was giving birth, the last thing I would be doing is playing Pokemon

      Spoken like someone who hasn't sat in a birthing suite for 12 hours while literally nothing happens.

        Yeah its boring as hell. Even my wife ended up getting on her phone on and off during labour of both our kids.

        It was 3 hours.. so maybe 12 hours is different, but still seems a bit insensitive.

          nah if everything is going fine and she's not in pain, then whip it out.

            Isn't that how she got pregnant in the first place?

            Last edited 11/07/16 10:28 pm

        My twins were born by c-section, it was a surreal experience where we went in at 7am and by 8:30 we were parents. We didn't even have time to contemplate waiting.

          Well c-section was the end result for us but she had 18 hours of labour before hand. I think yours was a better option.

      Username is steelpanther, yet talking like you want to be a responsible, loving and committed husband. Does not compute.

        Not sure what you're assuming.. but my name is based on an old PC wargame, not the US metal group.

          Yeah, I'd say the glam metal band is more widely associated with the name than the old wargame (which, as I'm sure you know, was AWESOME!).

          Given they have such touching and heart-felt songs like Glory Hole, Party All Day (Fuck All Night), Let Me Cum In, and Gangbang at the Old Folks Home.... yeah.

    Any Pokemon that is NOT a damn Zubat! is the best sighting.
    Level 10 and 51% of my pokemon collected have been zubats (or Golbats)

    I found one in my frying pan while cooking brekky! A magikarp, that is. Not an"it"

    Looks like she's still timing contractions before actually in labour.

    I think the idea is silly. You can encounter a pokemon and then go anywhere at all and take a photo.
    Best one I did back during the beta was get my young son to open his mouth wide for an Eggsecute.

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