60 Terabyte Solid State Drives Are Now A Thing

60 Terabyte Solid State Drives Are Now A Thing

Storage is great, and you can never have too much of it. Except in the case of solid state drives, where a 2TB drive costs about as much as a high-end graphics card.

But let’s pretend money isn’t an issue for you. Let’s pretend you want all the storage and have a small country’s GDP to blow on it. Seagate has the product for you.

Announced at the Flash Memory Summit in California, Seagate have the mother of all solid state drives — a 60TB Serial Attached SSD. It’s not really a drive for consumer level PCs, instead aimed (obviously) at enterprise data centres. Apparently that 60TB is enough to store 12,000 DVD movies, but given the clients Seagate is trying to sell this to I can’t imagine that would be the drive’s primary use.

It’ll officially go on sale from next year, and judging by the news release it seems likely that a 100TB SSD will be on the way in the next few years. It’ll probably take about 5 or more years until we see something that gargantuan hit the consumer market, and maybe another decade before it becomes reasonably affordable.


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