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I don't think it's ever safe to buy an SSD these days. It seems like if you wait a week, you'll be able to pick up something cheaper and bigger, such is the march of technology (and discounts). That doesn't mean you shouldn't jump on a deal if you need an SSD, like this 500GB Samsung 860 EVO for a mere $120.


Storage is great, and you can never have too much of it. Except in the case of solid state drives, where a 2TB drive costs about as much as a high-end graphics card.

But let's pretend money isn't an issue for you. Let's pretend you want all the storage and have a small country's GDP to blow on it. Seagate has the product for you.

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Two years ago, Samsung burst onto the market with the 850 Pro -- its first SSD with 3D flash memory, with high speeds and correspondingly high prices -- and followed that up with the more affordable 850 Evo. Now, memory manufacturer Crucial is the second company to use 3D NAND in a 2.5-inch solid state drive, and it's aiming to provide both fast transfer speeds and high disk capacity -- at a reasonable price.

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The Samsung Portable SSD T3 is an external solid state drive that is smaller than a business card, weighs 51 grams and comes with up to 2TB capacity.

You'll get fast file transfers based on sequential read and write speeds of up to 450MB/s with a USB 3.1 interface -- up to four times faster than some alternative external HDD solutions.