That 1TB NVMe Drive Is Still Going For A Song

That 1TB NVMe Drive Is Still Going For A Song
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If you’re putting together a new rig, maybe something with that flash new 7nm hardware, then you might want a new hard drive to go with it. So how about a drive that’s faster than anything you can throw at it?

Crucial’s 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD is going for $158.72 with free shipping at Amazon today, with free expedited delivery for international orders (instead of waiting a week or more as per usual). The 500GB model is also discounted to $91.75, but that just brings the 500GB model in line with what other local retailers are charging.

The 1TB, however, usually sells for $169 or $179 at most major Australian PC retailers. So it’s not a bad price if you’re looking for a super-fast Steam cache drive. If you’re looking to pair it with some cheaper, bog-standard SSDs, those are fairly affordable as well. Prime members can get the BX500 480GB 2.5-inch SSD for $67.50. It’s only a couple of dollars cheaper than what you’d pay elsewhere, but if you’re getting a few items all at once, then the saving on shipping works out.

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