Here’s A Great Deal On A Cheap SSD

Here’s A Great Deal On A Cheap SSD
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Every PC should be filled to the brim with SSDs, although most of us won’t be able to have those excellent 8TB SSD drives. Still, today’s a great chance to grab a cheap Crucial MX500 SSD for game installs, a future Windows drive or just extra storage.

The deal right now comes courtesy of Amazon Australia, which has discounted Crucial MX500 500GB SSD drives down to $86.77. That’s about $20 cheaper than what most of the major Australian components retailers are charging. It’s a good, cheap upgrade if your PC doesn’t have an SSD already — and a great addition if you only have the one SSD for Windows/your games.

amazon ssd deal
Image: Amazon Australia

You can pick up the deal over here. There’s no extra discount available through the “Frequently Brought Together” trick that worked so well recently, unfortunately. (That excellent deal on the Ryzen chips is over, too.)

The 500GB drive is only $10 more than the 250GB SSD, so you might as well get double the storage. 500GB won’t go too far if you install a few Modern Warfare-sized games. But for most people, 500GB is a perfect Steam drive. It’ll fit plenty of indie games, titles like PUBG, Valorant, Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rainbow 6: Siege, and still have room to spare.

If you really need a little more space, there’s a small deal available on Crucial 1TB NVMe SSD drives as well. It’s only about $10 less than what you’d pay at most Aussie retailers, but if you’re already getting a cheap SSD and have some spare M.2 slots that haven’t been filled, then $176 is a good price for a reliable NVMe drive.

Also: NVMe drives are fast as hell. They’re great for video editing and game installs.

For more info, click on over to Amazon for the 500GB offer, while the 1TB drive can be found here.


  • My piss ancient pc (we are talking nearly 10yr old ye olde quad core days which ive kept alive with a gpu and some extra ram xD) was finally dying a few months ago and finally built a full new rig…

    The jump from hdd to ssd was nice when i helped my cousin build his pc 2-3 years back… but jumping to nvme for my main drive.. geebus the boot and loads are insane.

    I ported over my 2nd 4tb storage where i stored the steam games library… im still considering whether to invest in an optane to speed up that drive or not…

      • I’ll give my old 775 one thing it really lasted the distance… i managed to get that old q6600 to run way past its use by date by adding additional ddr2 ram later on its life and paired it with a geforce 9800 gt6.

        It survived to run win 7 and whilst it would chug on newer games like d3 and sc2 at times it could still run a decent amount of older games on decent speeds (and a fair few indies since theyre not as graphic intensive as most aaa stuff and visual novels since i’m into that stuff =P).

        I might have squeezed even more life if i bothered to upgrade the ram again (was only sitting at 4gig) but it was running past its life with my older hdd starting to die and the vid card was sadly also starting to go (random crashes from vid card freezes). Was really time to let go and build a new rig.

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