Pokemon GO Spawn Rates In One Convenient Fan Chart

One of Pokemon GO's many, many mysteries is Pokemon spawn rates. What's the chance that a Bulbasaur will appear in yonder bushes? How often will I encounter Mr Mime? (Spoiler: .0031 per cent of the time). Pokemon GO Indigo League, Episode 1

This morning, Pokemon GO Hub published a Pokemon GO spawn rate chart using over 100 million data points from Poke Radar's "prediction algorithm dataset". In his words, it is "highly accurate". Because Pokemon spawn rates fluctuate depending on where you live, this dataset doesn't necessarily reflect your specific location's Pokemon-spawning frequency. But looking at the overall averages is super interesting.

Out of every 1000 Pokemon encountered, one will be a Kabuto. Peak Growlithe strikes at 3:57AM. Psyduck's spawn rate is 2.54 per cent, although I hear he's extremely common some places and quite rare in others.

The chart measures (in order) Pokemons' spawn chance, average spawns per 10,000 Pokemon and most active spawn times.

If you're one of the remaining Pokemasters braving the app's continual bugs and glitches, you might be interested to know that...

Pidgey is more common than Rattata

After the non-existent "legendary" Pokemon, Dragonite is the least common

The next-least-common Pokemon are...

Gyarados has the same spawn rate as Kabutops

Male Nidorans are less common than female Nidorans

And, out of every 10,000 Pokemon, there will be 21 Pikachus

Use this information as you wish! Go forth and... play your buggy game.


    What's the fourth column trying to tell us?

      Peak spawn time

    These figures are rubbish because spawn rates are completely different depending on location...

    The most obvious example being Mr. Mime, he's a European exclusive so his chance is 0% outside Europe and (especially after the last patch) much higher than 0.031% in many parts of Europe.

    Also what's with all the jabs about being buggy/broken? 99% of the bugs have been fixed now, the article linked is about the tracker which is fixed (and in the process of being improved).

    I'm wondering why the title picture is of a pokemon that isn't even part of this generation?

      The picture is from the first episode of the anime. While Ho-oh wasn't one of the original 151 pokemon, his presence in the cartoon series predates almost all others.

      You got Pokemowned...

      You didn't, I just wanted to say that and see if it worked.

      It doesn't

    And for every 10,000 Pokemon spawned, 9,998 of them will be Zubats...

    That's why there's 9 dragonites sitting on my local gym then....

      No, there are nine dragonites sitting in your local gym because of sites like PokeVision and PokeRadar.

    Absolute rubbish. Global statistics or whatever particular regions they gathered data from is irrelevant. You don't travel across countries on a regular basis encountering problem, you stick to your local area and nearby landmarks/hotspots.

    Local spawn rates are different between every area, we get a lot of zubats but Canada gets Drowzee etc. The rates here are pointless.

      Pokemon nests are a thing and tend to change every two weeks or so. Once you find one, visit every now and then and see what is available. Our onix next recently changed into a drowzee one. Recently found an area that seems to spawn kabuto pretty good as well so will be visiting as much as I can over the next week.

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