What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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It's nowhere near on the level of the Dead End Thrills team or dedicated screenshotters, but I love taking pictures like this.

Obviously, it's from No Man's Sky. It's nice to just remove the HUD, wander around a bit, and frame a shot. So, unsurprisingly, I'll be doing a little more of this.

Even the early mods have completely enhanced the NMS experience for me. There's no more of that annoying "hold down the mouse button to try and sell 500 platinum" or those bloody scan lines. All gone. And the blurriness that Cam and I noticed when we first fired up the PC port, as well as that crappy vignetting, is kaput as well.

Thank God for that.

If I get some spare time, I'll also try and test some of F1 2016's multiplayer with some friends of mine. A couple of them are pretty big on simulation racers, and according to them it's the best F1 title Codies has released so far. Which is nice, except for the part where I still race on a gamepad using automatic gearbox (I'm trying to learn manual, go easy on me).

So I'll probably get wrecked. But hey, that's part of the fun.

What will you be playing this weekend?



      Not even monopoly? Everyone loves monopoly

        I hate it as whenever our family plays it we end up starting WW3, someone flips the board and there's lots of tears! (age range 30-70)

          Just like Mario Party, so good!

            Mario Party doesnt have little green houses you can shove up peoples noses...

            Just sayin'

      I thought you were playing that new game where you post negative/trolly comments on every Kotaku article? Or am I wrong and you're taking a break for the weekend?

        I don't go on here on weekends, but I am taking a prolonged break from Kotaku cuz starting my new career as a Dentist in two weeks. Expect plenty of shitposts next week as my going away present.

          Mate I cant wait. You shall be missed buddy. Good luck on the dentistry business, hope you're able to really sink your teeth into the job!

    I'm still digging through the backlog.

    This weekend is gta V. I think I'm about 30% through it? I've just got Trevor on board.

    Might chuck some mods on while I'm at it. What's good?

    Got WWE 2K16 free with Gold yesterday. Had a lot of fun creating a character last night, but MY GOD did the gameplay suck. So disappointed. It is so slow and clunky (as are the menus). Maybe I'll try out an actual WWE superstar tonight and see if that makes it any more fun, but I doubt it. Having one button to strike just baffles my mind. I guess I expected more UFC style combat as I haven't played a wrestling game in so long (10+ years).

    So prob mostly just Rocket League.

    Been thinking about playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate should be a nice tie in-between August 30th when Nuka-World is released. I also haven't finished Trails of Cold Steel yet so that's a possibility.

      Loved Trails of Cold Steel. Very happy I did a second play-through on Nightmare.

      ToCS 2 has a US release date of 6th Sept, so I'm hoping Oz isn't too different, although I can't seem to find any definite details.

        It's a solid game, problem I had with it though is that it starts really slowly clicking through ten hours of dialogue before you board the first train out of the academy is brutal but i figured once you get into the game i'll probably miss the character development.

        I suppose ToCS2 should give me more reason to push on.

          I enjoyed the slow pace, but then again I prefer to play at my own speed and dislike any sort of time limit.

          Once the train trips started happening I did feel the game really started to open up.

    Fire Emblem Fates on Lunatic/Classic. Then after I scream through gritted teeth after losing again and again, I'll move onto Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, soloing through G rank. Then when I finally lose my shit, I'll simply curl up in the shower with a box of cookies.

      Heh heh, when I started Fates Revelation I heeded advice to go casual, because the enemies just have inflated HP, which in turn means that it's harder to take them out (even with follow-ups). So now I'm no longer restarting chapters due to losing characters it is much less stressful. It really amazed me that the AI could instantly target the weakest characters with a double or triple-team even though it meant certain death for those enemies in the next turn. Fecking AI...

    So it turns out nets have been added into the Don Bradman Cricket 17 demo.

    *fires game up*

      What mod did you use to remove the bluriness in NMS? Was it the internal resolution scaler?

        Yup, plus forced tweaks in NVIDIA Control Panel.

          Awesome, thanks! Between this and 1.04 it should help with most of my issues

    I really want to put a few more hours into Pillars of Eternity, but as I predicted last week, tired me ain't so great at it.

    I've been hitting Snowboard Kids & Waverace a lot.

    And giving Twilight Princess a second shot. The slow introduction really rubs me the wrong way, but ive managed to get past where I gave up last time.
    I'm sure there's a good game in there somewhere.

    Ganking horde scum while they try to do Legion invasions.

    No Man's Sky probably, but I'm a 134,000 light years from the centre and just continually jumping is getting a little old. The planets I'm landing on now sometimes have a surprising critter, but definitely feeling I've seen most variations. Exotic materials are definitely more common now. I have put at least 100 hours into it though, probably more..

    I got Oxenfree to play, and I was halfway through the Fallout 4 DLC before NMS came out. May play those instead if my tolerance levels don't keep up.

    Last edited 19/08/16 11:46 am

    Xenoblade Chronicles for the most part but there will also be some Trillion: God of Destruction and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2.

    I tried to get into NMS but gave up after a couple of hours. It just isnt for me.

    Only game I am really playing at the moment is Rimworld. So that will tide me over until Deus Ex next week.

    Same as last weekend - Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    But since that's becoming a little draggy, I also fired up Far Cry 4 during the week. 8 missions in, I am having a blast. I also did Beyond Good and Evil after gettng it free with Gold. I like the gameplay but so far story seems pretty standard. Maybe it was great for the time it was released?

    In summary, I will be playing Dragon Age: Inquisition with a bit of Fat Cry 4 and Beyond Good and Evil thrown in.

    I'm packing for a holiday and probably knitting. If I get time I might just drive around gta V enjoying the scenery

    The Mass Effect trilogy with all DLC. Spent 36 hours total on ME1 recently and I've put about 29 hours into ME2 since last weekend.

      My body is having crazy replay urges again but my mind says I can't lose another 100 hours.

    No Mans Sky.

    Just found a Vortex planet, gonna try a few merchant runs to see if it compares to my resource runs.

      Yeah, found one last night myself. Not the greatest concentration, and the sent's go straight to lvl 3 after 1 module, so its a bit of a grind to get any decent number. But even just 5 minutes was 300k or so while still figuring it out.

      Watery planet as well, and I just realised I havnt checked to see if there were any under water. That might solve the sentinel issue.

        I lucked out and got a planet where the sentinels don't care and the void cubes are amassed underground.

        The turn around flight is a bit long so I may need to find a trading post to keep things streamlined

    No Mans sky

    Planetside 2 (gotta get my KD up to 2)


    Maby some total war warhammer, really need to spend some more time on that.

    Probably sleep after a few late nights in a row watching the Olympics, however i need to get back to playing NMS couple of days away and i am feeling a little depressed. Will probably continue ticking away on Pokemon Go as well, hit a bit of a lull in the game right now and need to find new places to play.

    Gee, cffndncr, what are we going to do this weekend?

    The same thing we do every weekend, Pinky. Play Dota until we reach maximum saltiness.

    Shadow of Mordor
    Rainbow Six Siege
    Beyond Good and Evil.

    I'm attempting a HUD-less playthrough of Far Cry Primal (it is very pretty on Ultra), though the game really is designed as a follow-the-minimap experience, which makes it a little difficult.

    Zone of the Enders HD on PS3.

    Overwatch on PS4

    Fire Emblem Fates Revelation on 3DS.

    I generally only play one game at a time, and don't have a huge amount of gaming time so I end up playing the same game for ages. Currently it's Mass Effect 3 - I did the Tuchanka and Citadel II missions last night (which were pretty bloody awesome).

    I haven't gotten to the famed unpopular ending yet, but so far I'm liking Mass Effect 3 more than 2. It has a stronger storyline to it. I liked 2 a lot, but I like 3 even more.

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