What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I’ll be travelling up to Newcastle for Fun Times, meaning I’ll be dusting off the PSP for my long commute on some of Sydney’s best trains. For those who have earned themselves some gaming time, what are you playing this weekend?

I’m going to be playing Star Ocean: The First Departure. It was one of the first games I was ever given to review on the PSP (circa 2009?) and I remember enjoying it, so if I’m going to be spending at least six hours on trains this weekend then a JRPG is probably exactly what I need to distract me from the colourful characters on CityRail trains.

What are you playing this weekend? Who’s gonna try and put a dent in their pile of shame?


      • Yay! I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who liked them.
        I will be probably playing the killing floor Christmas event as well, Aquaria, Heavy rain and Just dance 3.
        Skyward sword is on layby still =(

  • Killing Floor Christmas event. Then, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and I’ll be finishing off Final Fantasy VII on PSP.

  • I’ll be playing the terrible game of getting drunk with friends.

    Might try to find some time for Mario Kart in there and depending on when I get back from a weekend down the coast, some Skyward Sword.

  • I’m playing Wind Waker because Skyward Sword left me with Zelda fever. Maybe I’ll also play through some backlog or something. I’m just waiting until they fix the PS3 issues with Skyrim before I start playing it again.

    • +1 for Wind Waker. I didn’t grow up with a GameCube and I have Zelda fever as well after playing Skyward Sword.

      Bought a copu off eBay, here’s hoping it’ll arrive today so I don’t spend my weekend sans Zelda.

  • Super Mario Bros 3 – really want to finish this to tick it off my list, but World 8 is not making it easy for me :/

    Also Xenoblade and Super Mario 3D Land

    Finally got all 440 Riddler secrets in Arkham City last night 😀

  • Picked up Dead Island for $49 the other day, celebration after getting my exam result. I probably should finish off Batman since I’m about 90% through the main story. But the lure of putting a paddle through a zombie head is too great at the moment.

  • What the hell could possibly be considered Fun Times in Newcastle of all places, and I say this as someone who lives there! Lol.

  • Finished Skyward Sword last weekend, so I’m going to try and get through Sonic Generations (figure I can do it pretty quickly) then maybe start Uncharted 3. With a little Bastion on the side.

  • I guess I should get on with the story in AC: Revs.

    I’ve already got 100% control of every city in the region with maximum assassin residence, and 100% income from the city I’m in. I’ve picked up every animus shard I can access at the moment and completed all the Desmond memories.

    Sigh, spose I should get on with the story and see if I can unlock that last little bit of the map at the south…

  • I have finally found a game my girlfriend is willing to play with me, Rayman Origins. Plan is to ease her into it and then BAM! she’ll be playing as Khajiit in no time.

    Also nearly done with Skyward Sword so hopefully get that finished then I’ll be able to send my Wii off in style, down the river in a burning ship, Norse style.

  • There is only one.

    My mind is mush and I can barely focus my eyes or speak coherently but I will by playing Skyrim for months to come yet.

  • Got some damn social stuff to do, but in between that I’ll be continuing my Skyrim adventure. I also have Saints Row 3 which I have only played for a few hours, so I’ll try to put some time into that. Assassin’s Creed Revelations hasn’t even been unwrapped, so that will probably go under the christmas tree… and Minecraft, there’s always Minecraft….

  • Just Finished MW3 Singleplayer 🙂 (Cpt. Price is such a BOSS!)

    Going to be having a small lan with some mates so probably going to play a range of different games, bit of MW3/BC2/Black Ops then move on to the Long Houred AOE2 marathon.

    Might try and make a dent into the 200+ Games I have on steam.that I either haven’t started or almost finished or continuing to play. So many choices 😀

    Steam ID = MrBezzaJnR
    PSN = Bezza_JnR

  • TIME DU…

    Mostly Skyrim. But I gave into Saints Row 3 yesterday, so I’m keen to have some fun with that.

    Zombie speak ftw.

  • I’m a broken record at this point, but it will yet more Dark Souls. Half way through (SL60) building my Grant-wielding PvP specialist, and 3/4 the way through building an alternative dual-wield PvP character.

    Having said all that, Gears 3 and Uncharted 3 are both demanding that I, you know, actually play them.

  • I’ll be playing Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Got it with my PS3 and I’ve only fired it back up yesterday. 🙁

  • Since the Batman skin pack got releassed, I’m dressing up like Batman Beyond and dispensing some vigilante justice.

  • Need for speed: Hot pursuit. This game looks great and when a good track on the soundtrack starts playing everything comes together beautifully.

    Maybe Resistance 3. I’ve really enjoyed the resistance series and hopefully I can finish the third entry today.

  • Skyrim. Still. followed with brief bursts of Tales of Symhonia on the 3DS. YES! I’m actually playing my 3DS, so weird!

  • Skyrim. 60+ Destruction skill makes my character the love child of Adam Warlock and Gandalf. Also some Deus Ex, Mario Kart 7, maybe some more side missions from Saints Row: The Third.

  • I started Ocarina of Time (gamecube version) yesterday and am really enjoying it. I figured I should finally try the game that’s gotten so many perfect reviews.

  • I will be playing the relatively unknown game of “Visit Phillip Island and take fiance to see penguins”

    Also, my birthday on Sunday.

    • I think I’ve played a similar title called *Take the overseas relatives to Phillip Island to see the penguins. Quite disappointing really.

  • Starting on Skyward Sword & wrapping up on GOW Collection II.
    If I feel like playing a bit of MP, BF3 will be right up there since Back to Karkand is out.

  • Working like usual, but hoping I can get some BF3 in, or if i’m really feeling like a badass maybe some saints row 3. Already finished it but I feel I must get 100%

  • These weekend posts always remind me of the tonne of games I’m yet to pick up. Makes me jealous.

    Although at the moment, it is mostly Skyrim doing it to me. I bought my friend the players guide for his birthday, along with a bucket of M&M’s and some Chinese beef jerky. Hopefully his missus followed through on her end and got him the game.

    So yes…. jealous I am. Green like Yoda, I appear.

  • I believe i will be playing the property investment/employee management simulator AC:R. I seem incapable of doing anything else in that game until i own the whole damn city.

  • Ill finish off Trine 2, then get stuck back into the second half of Skyward sword. Might do a bit of exploring in skyrim, and of course get some tf2 hours in too.

  • Some bastion, and maybe a little of whatever my office PC will run if I need a break from work.

    Maybe some LOL if people are about

  • Since I just blew like half the value of my actual car on a Fanatec wheel and pedals set up, I will be playing Forza 4. Feverishly. In my underpants.

    • Way out west there was this fella… fella I wanna tell ya about. Fella by the name of Jeff Lebowski. At least that was the handle his loving parents gave him, but he never had much use for it himself. Mr. Lebowski, he called himself “The Dude”.

  • Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Forza 4, SKyward Sword, MW3, BF3, GOW3, DEHR. Are all the games I still need to complete and the list goes on. Sigh! Too many games so little time!

  • Possibly some more of A Shadow’s Tale. Think I’m somewhere around the 37F mark, though it feels like I’m missing a lot of things on the way. Some puzzles I can’t figure out, and these glowing platform things that don’t seem to do anything… gonna be a lot of backtracking to do to go back and find all those.

    Probably will mostly be playing Mario Kart though. Spent all last night trying to get a three-star ranking on 150cc Special Cup (also Lightning, but nailed that one in the end), but it’s being an absolute pain in the bitch. So much rage.

  • Haha, I’ll be dusting my PSP a bit too! Just bought a Collectors Edition of Trails in the Sky.

    For those that have never seen it, check out http://www.trailsinthesky.com

    This is a game of platinum standards we should have been getting four years ago…

  • I’ll be playing Skyrim, unless I take an arrow in the knee.

    Though if that happens, I’d probably play Skyrim to recover from the injury.

  • I’ve been making my way through Xenoblade on and off, but may take a break and go back in time to Xenogears, or something.

  • Warning: Could be spoilers

    Battlefield 3 (multiplayer – what else!)
    Super Mario 3D Land (about to hop in the World 4 Airship – just doing a bit at a time)
    Batman Arkham City (just finished Solomon Grundy)
    Bulletstorm (bought it last night – only $28 at GAME – awesome fun! idiotic story!)
    Half Life 2 (I’m in Nova Prospekt have been seemingly forever – It’s a big jail!)

  • I’m going through KOTOR 1 & 2 (with the restored content mod) in preparation for the early access of Star Wars The Old Republic next week

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