The Battlefield 1 Servers And EA Are Experiencing An Outage [UPDATE]

Image: EA/DICE

If you were hoping to get up this morning and play a cheeky session of the Battlefield 1 beta before school, work, or something else, you wouldn't have been able to. And that's because the servers were taken offline, with a hacking group claiming responsibility.

Update #3 (12:25 PM): EA Support is now telling users that they are "seeing services [come] back up now", although lingering server issues remain. More and more users on social media are reporting that they're able to get into games through the matchmaking queue as well, meaning that the worst of the outage — but probably more of an attack, if this morning was any indication — should be over.

Update #2 (11:01 AM): Users are still having issues, with EA's support team telling players that things haven't been resolved.

Update (9:42 AM): The problems continue:

As of just before 8:00 AM, the official Battlefield account Tweeted out this:

It's suspected that the issue being investigated was a distributed denial of service attack, or some form thereof. A hacking group took credit for the outage, although EA hasn't confirmed whether that is yet the case.

Nonetheless, EA's official Twitter account for their customer support confirmed an outage earlier this morning, which is still ongoing:

Things are slowly coming back online, although the official EA help page notes that the company is still "investigating some technical problems with our online services".

Kotaku was able to connect to EA's online services at the time of writing, although only a couple of servers had any players connected.


    I was playing from 7:00-8:20am :/ I had to retry connecting about 5 or 6 times but I got there in the end.

    played from 8-10:30 last night with only one dropout. Must have been lucky.

    Wow hacking groups these days, mum wheres the credit card im gonna buy some ddos from china and then claim that im the big douche asshole responsible for no other reason than to be a dick, i love my pathetic existence

      I dunno, in olden times instead of DDOS attacks they had mimes, which are arguably worse.

        Mimes? Did they put up walls in front of the shops so no one could access the games, that would be worse

    It’s suspected that the issue being investigated was a distributed denial of service attack, or some form thereof. A hacking group took credit for the outage

    If it was a hacking group, they wouldn't be doing DDOS bullshit, would they? Wouldn't they be... you know... hacking stuff?

    It's back online now! Yay more Battlefield One: Star Wars Battlefront edition!

      I have heard people saying that, what gives you that impression and please dont tell me they have the "coin" power up thing

        Mostly the interface menus are very similar to SW:BF or a Wordpress website...

          As long as it's the BF goodness we all know and love once you get into the game itself, I'm ok with that. I just don't want the "BF-lite" that they served up for Battlefront which held the interest for all of about a weekend.

            It feels different... Movement feels a bit clunky and not sure if it is the WWI weapons or just me being shit but seems to be a bit difficult to get kills, I've only played a few matches last night and one this morning but so far I'm hitting a steeper learning curve than other BF games.

            Won't know until full game comes out if it has a full Battlefield game under it or just another half a game like Battlefront.

    It's just ea's excuse to there servers been shit let's blame the hackers huh why not fix the shit so that when everyone is try name play that your shifty servers don't overload

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