EA Continues Abysmal Treatment Of Aussie Battlefield Players After Nearly A Month Of Crippling Server Issues

EA Continues Abysmal Treatment Of Aussie Battlefield Players After Nearly A Month Of Crippling Server Issues
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Crashes. Empty server lists. Disconnections. We’re about to enter the fourth week of serious issues with Battlefield 1‘s local servers, bad enough to make multiplayer unplayable, with very little in the way of fixes, compensation or communication from EA. Even our own enquiries were met with silence. Can we safely concluded EA doesn’t give a crap about its Australian customers?

April 4. That’s when the problems were first reported. It became clear, rather quickly, they weren’t isolated to a few users. There’s a thread on the official forums with 40 pages of reports. There’s another thread on EA’s Answers HQ with 24 pages of reports.

The Australian servers are basically unusable. People can’t play. This would be a big deal if the outage had lasted a few days.

It’s been almost a month.

Look, if it was an indie company struggling with unexpected success, we might be able to cut it some slack, but the game was released a year and a half ago. This is EA we’re talking about. It has the resources to throw around — surely it shouldn’t take three (almost four) weeks to track down the issue, plug it up and move on?

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OK, let’s say it’s a difficult, multi-faceted problem with no simple fix. Why hasn’t this been communicated better? Why haven’t there been daily updates on progress with detailed information?

It’s the least EA can do, given the length and severity.

And while EA has provided a few updates via the Battlefield 1 Announcements forum, it is in no way enough. Other than parroting the sentiment of “we are on it full-time”, current results would suggest otherwise.

What about compensation? Players did receive 10 Battlepacks, but this was for all players globally and had “nothing to do with this issue”, according to EA representative Jeff Braddock. Some free games via Origin wouldn’t hurt.

Sadly, none of this has happened. Instead, EA has handled the situation with such stunning incompetence, one has to wonder if anyone’s taking the problem seriously. It can’t even muster a proper, public apology or official statement to media.

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I’d say anyone affected is well within their rights to request a refund. Alternatively, you can make a complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which has recently shown it has teeth when it comes to dealing with big, overseas companies in the business of making and selling games.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this. One has to imagine it’ll be resolved eventually, but anyone care to guess how long it’ll take?


  • I feel really sorry for you players, we know EA sometimes are good but most of the time we shouldn’t be surprised in the slightest at their ethics.

    Their ideology has mostly been, “We wont fix this until it becomes a mass problem or impacts sales”. and they already have your money fellas. i would invest in a nice pair of gloves for the next EA purchase so you dont get shit on your hands from the stick.

    Rant over, apologies

  • i know this about EA, but the Oceanic Servers for WoW have been terrible since the start of last week, they were so bad that it actually cuased Blizzard to postpone the APAC MDI regionals on both Saturday and Sunday, due to issues between Telstra, Blizzard, AT&T and the Routers used in between

      • well not really, because the issue is effecting people who done even use telstra as an ISP but because Telstra owns all the copper wire

        • Telstra did own all the wire but the NBN corporation is steadily taking it over (once that process is complete Telstra will only own the copper in areas where NBN wireless is in use and leased lines to certain companies and government agencies).

        • Actually I think they sold all the wire to NBN a while back, at least in the areas now or to be connected to NBN. Telstra is strictly a service provider and not an infrastructure owner now.

        • As @allanon10101 pointed out, the copper network was bought back.

          This was around the forth quart of last year.

        • It’s not so much about who owns the wire but Telstra hosts the routing for the Blizz servers in NSW (source – one of my guildies is relatively high up in Telstra’s technical dept) . So it’s a Telstra issue that affects everyone on the affected servers – I had a raid night that got cancelled early because we all started lagging out horribly.

          That was all fixed within 3-4 days though, doubt it has much to do with BF1.

  • It’s okay… I think increasingly customers are learning to not give a crap about EA’s gam… I mean live services.

    • Sometimes the best solution is not the easiest solution. If we all took the easy solution then we would be living in caves wondering if we would ever see the open sky again.

      EA sold Battlefield 1 consumers the right to play online multiplayer for at least the lifetime of the game and agreed to back up that right by providing servers themselves instead of letting third-parties supply servers. If EA had let third parties provide servers then they would be in the clear as it wouldn’t really be their fault that people cannot play.

  • a month? Try all year. The best bug they had was back in December when custom servers showed up without searching for them. The HC servers were full all the time. Then they fixed it. 🙁

  • I’m not really having any issues and I play several times a week. It has been harder to find a game. I tend to have to join one with a queue and wait a few minutes to get in. But once I’m in it’s fine.

  • This has me worried about Anthem and its always-online anti-piracy/social-pressure-masquerading-as-value-add horse shit. (Similar to Sim City.)

    I want to enjoy the next Bioware game, but Mass Effect 3 multi and Andromeda multi set worrying precedents. Getting dumped out of a session appeared to happen at the drop of a hat – connections had next to know resilience whatsoever. I tried so many times to play games with 3 friends and it was an absolute certainty that every single game would result in one or more of us getting dumped out.

    They were fantastic to play when they worked, but after a while the near-certainty of the network being utterly fucked and the game handling it poorly meant that you spent more time in loading screens than playing. It just wasn’t worth it any more.

  • Just had a chat to someone on the EA chat portal, got a refund no questions asked. I don’t even play the game anymore! Thanks for the great report 😀

  • One of the reasons I am avoiding Anthem!!! EA running a games as a service in Australia is asking for headaches from a sub-par local server or a 200+ ms connection.

  • It’s amazingly still happening. As someone who played the game a lot recently it’s a pretty despicable way to treat customers.

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