Gamers Are Appreciating Spore Again

If you haven’t looked at the front page of Steam lately, you might have missed that something rather old has appeared out of nowhere. That game is Spore, the same game that became one of the most pirated of all time due to an online protest over the game’s draconian DRM policies.

It’s one of the top sellers on Steam right now; it’s even got more players than The Sims 3 and H1Z1’s Just Survive.

Games getting a slight resurgence because of a huge discount isn’t new. But what’s odd is when the resurgence is for a game that was at one point the most pirated title of all time.

Hell, even the DLC for the game is more popular than Valve’s ongoing license to print money, Counter-Strike:

Good God.

The latest reviews have been astonishingly good too, particularly when you consider how heavily Spore was panned for its lack of depth back in the day. Over the last month, the game has gotten a 91% user rating on Steam. There’s just under 400 reviews recently, although the overall rating of 87% from 8,379 reviews is still better than the vast majority of games on Valve’s marketplace.

Players are also using their reviews to draw parallels with No Man’s Sky:

Aah, Spore. It’s currently selling for $US5, and while I don’t have any compulsion to rediscover its world it does provide a great excuse to rewatch one of the greatest videos to come out of E3, featuring the late Robin Williams.

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