Hey, This Pokemon Sun And Moon Character Sure Looks Familiar

A new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon dropped today, and while it was mostly uninteresting footage, for a split second you can catch a glimpse of a guy with a very distinctive face.

For comparison's sake, here's the Professor Oak we all know and love from prior games/the anime:

Translations online of this Sun and Moon character's name say that the game calls him "Oak", but not Professor Oak, which raises some questions. The name and face similarities suggest that this is more than mere coincidence, so there are a few possibilities here:

  • Professor Oak also has an Alolan form.
  • This isn't Professor Oak, but rather a relative of some sort.
  • Professor Oak has retired.
  • This IS Professor Oak, but from like, a different dimension or something. After Pokemon ORAS, we do know that there are parallel universes — for all we know, this is just a different reality.

The last two bullet points here probably seem far-fetched, but there is an ongoing theory held by Pokemon fans that the upcoming games will somehow incorporate tapping into different dimensions / realities, as I touch on below:

Or maybe this is just a random dude that Game Freak highlighted for some reason. Somehow, that possibility seems like the most unlikely one of all, though.

(h/t SleepyJirachi)


    The name in the screenshot is "Oukido". So not quite Oak - closer to "Okeydoke", in fact.

      Okeydoke? It's a transliteration of Orchid, which is Oak's Japanese name. It has been confirmed that this man is the cousin of the Samuel Oak we know and love and has since been dubbed "Samson Oak" in the west. If Patricia had done even a single second of research she could have found this out.

    According to Serebii it's his cousin, Nariya Oak.

      Seriously, this shouldn't even be a question. The world of Pokemon is one where is normal for relatives both close and distant to look identical (Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy).

    Blackface is NOT cool in 2016, Oak.

      How do you know this isn't the real Oak, and until now he's been in whiteface?

    That scene where the new for of Exeggutor appears and then uses a giant hammer was so weird. The form is odd enough but the hammer? Lolwhut? :P

      It's the move Wood Hammer.

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