Report: Ash From Pokemon Is Finally Going To School In New Anime

There is a new Pokemon anime series. It's based on the upcoming 3DS title Pokemon Sun and Moon and called, wait for it, Pokemon Sun and Moon. While this might seem like just another Pokemon anime, there's a big difference. Ash is going to school.

[Image: Pokemon XY Wikia]

A new Japanese magazine scan reveals the new TV anime Pokemon Sun and Moon, and one part reads:

Ash Is Going To School!!
It's the start of student life that hasn't existed until now.
Is he aiming for graduation?!

Below is the scan in question:

Now that I think about it, there might have been a couple episodes that take place in a school or in a summer academy, but I don't think we've gotten much more than that.

The scan, which hasn't yet been confirmed, also mentions that we'll meet lots of new characters. Well, yeah!

But does this mean if Ash is now focusing graduation, that he's given up his dreams of becoming a Pokemon master? Doubt it! But since he's such a loser, school might be his best bet.


    Maybe it'll just be the graduate school route to the next pokemon league that he's skipped over in favor of fighting gyms in previous series.

    wouldn't it be nifty if in the end he graduates as Professor Ash.. I mean, he already fills the requirement of having the name of a tree.

    Don't even try to say he will graduate....

    We all know he never will, he will get 49% for five seasons, but learn a valuable life lesson ever time.

      He'll give away his high scoring exams in place of high tier Pokemon. Because he's an idiot like that.

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