What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As much as I’d like to continue exploring the cavern that is Dota 2 ranked play, the undue stress I put on my index finger earlier in the week means its probably wise that I don’t do a lot of repetitive mouse clicking this weekend.

Fortunately, I have some camels to bet on.

My partner picked up Camel Up the other day, a game about betting on camel races. It’s broken up into legs and the overall race. The pyramid which the camels race around also doubles as a weird way to roll a die.

I’m not expecting it to be particularly serious, but more of a silly, light hearted affair that you can play with people unfamiliar with more modern board games.

On top of that, I started a new MyCareer in NBA 2K17. After getting drafted to the Timberwolves with my shooting guard, I immediately realised how much of a role strength plays this year — so I started a new career with a small forward modelled after Kevin Durant, one that’s basically a solid rebounder, bruiser and good in post-up play.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Forza Horizon 3, Destiny, Forza Horizon 3, Destiny, Fo….

    Actually, I may set up two screens to see if I can play both at the same time.

  • Well I was going to be playing Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness, but it appears to have been pushed back to coming out on the 30th instead.

    Soooo, nothing, I’m not going to play anything!

    Actually I should get back to Attack on Titan.

  • WoW. And then maybe some World of Warships (the other WoW)

    I have an enormous backlog of quality games and yet that’s all I’m doing. FML.

  • Finished Forza Horizon (the original) last week and cleared a few titles from my Xbox One that were junk freebies or old backwards compatible 360 games that weren’t as good as I remembered.

    This weekend I plan to clear a backlog of other older games. I have “free” copies of The WAlking Dead season 1 and The Wolf Among Us both of which I’ve played before on PC, but I would enjoy a second playthrough plus they’re basically free achievement points even though that is basically inconsequential at this point.

  • Hobby hobby hobby! Doing some stuff on Sunday to promote and playtest and upcoming game called Twisted that’s been made by a couple of Aussie blokes. Steampunk skirmish game in Victorian England, it’s going to be a hoot.

    Other than that, maybe some R6 and even some terrain making for Infinity. Trying to ease off the gaming lately as I need to de-techify my life after work hours 😛

      • As in designed the Twisted terrain? It’s so ace. Haven’t seen a huge amount in person yet but yeah, mousemuffins is an ace bloke 😀 They have sexy new lasercutters too! So looking forward to where they take the company now 🙂

        And Infinity is great, but gets a little too bloody serious sometimes. I like to throw a bit more narrative in there than what tournament play normally allows so yeah…

        You based in Melbourne at all?

        • Yeah twisted terrain, Mousemuffins is a good mate of mine. Agreed about Infinity, its a much better game as a narrative/objective game than a kill points game. I’m in Melbourne, out South Morang way. You?

          • Hawthorn way. Game Knight run by other mates of mousemuffins is based in a cafe that is normally closed Saturday & Sunday evenings ^_^ Was good fun last night, had Pete from Demented games showing off twisted and I managed to crit my way form a loss to a victory. Was very silly fun 😀

          • Ah nice. Yeah Chris is a good friend of mine as well lol. Haven’t made it to game knight yet but I keep meaning to. Would be keen to try Twisted as well, cool that they had Pete there.

  • i picked up my DS again and finished birthright finally after spending hours grinding out levels to get new skills for ALL my characters.
    then re-started Conquest (previously started with conquest, got 30 hours in, then decided i wanted to do birthright first)

    and maybe some no mans sky, maybe. but you know, sleep is good too.

    and continue to log in to Marvel Future Fight on android.

  • some dont starve, clash royale and dark souls 3 probs. i have an assignment due soon so i have plenty to procrastinate over haha

  • 2k17 (a lot) and continuing my DOTA education……its a steep learning curve that’s for sure.

    I’m also contemplating trying to finally get through the Witcher 3 (I somehow lost steam on my play trough, but have been meaning to get back to it). I need to get a new play through done for DS3 before the DLC drops as well.

  • Just finished off the freebie Beyond Good and Evil HD on X1 back compat (many years later than I had started it on OG Xbox), so going to give this whole Danganronpa thing a go ppl keep harping on about. About 45 minutes into the first one, just met all the students and trying to remember everyone’s names…

    Long weekend in WA woo!

  • Gonna mess around in some foighting games. Bit o’ KOF 98, GG, Injustice, and pokken.

    Also have to finish up my mk2 Mario kart pro setup. The new gamepad mount and item slingshot are way slicker.

    • Good luck. Its an awesome but a very long game. And if you stopped playing it for some reason, it will take some time to pick it up again. Sigh……I never finished Witcher 3 because of issues with my saves.

  • was going to finish Bioshock 1, but i have encountered a bug that will not let me progress anymore. Deciding whether to restart or not.

    • Non progression bugs are the worst.
      Had one recently in darksiders 2 half way through the game and still haven’t got around to restarting

      • just so frustrating. About to get to my fabourite section of the game and have to start all over again now.

  • I’ve just fallen hard for Rocket League. SLYPH1000 on PSN if anyone wants to come on board.

    Also Overwatch. Maybe Mankind Divided.

  • PS3 – Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut – stealth pacifist playthrough nearly complete.
    PS4 – Nothing?
    Vita – Hatsune Miku Project Diva X – grinding cloud voltage and modules.
    Vita – History: Legends of War (PS+ freebie)

  • Got a butt tonne of gardening to do to get ready for a party next weekend … which with the weather should make things fun. Once that’s all done, probably do a bit more destiny

  • I Beat Phoenix Wright yesterday which has been taking up my after-work time, so I will probably be playing a bunch of Destiny and Killer Instinct (gotta try out that Shadow Lords mode).

    I also downloaded Resident Evil 4 on PC after i felt like playing Mercenaries mode and realised i had to beat the game again to unlock it, i’m not gonna complain it’s been just the right amount of time to beat it again! So i might get started on that.

  • Destiny on PS4…..gotta grind to get some armor and weapons, so that I can grind more to get…….don’t know. Probably, Just cause 3 if I get a chance.

    • Ha, me too. I’m picking up Rise of Iron after not playing The Taken King for a while. I’m only light 291 so we’ll see how I fare…

      • How far you made it ? I wlll be playing Destiny this weekend, happy to help if needed.

  • Getting up at 3am tomorrow to run Destiny’s new raid at launch, so… Destiny followed by sleep is my plan for the weekend.

  • Still playing Overwatch competitive mode. Got into Masters and the top 500, want to maintain that.

    Also playing Phoenix Wright on 2DS, as good as ever. Plus I’m still putting time into FF7.

  • Been on a Skyrim bender for the last month or so. Running around Riften with a gang that has loose hands.

    Also, up in the air over which horror game I want to get stuck into if this windy weather keeps up: Lone Survivor, Kuon, Forbidden Siren, or Outlast.

  • Actually a good question
    I’ll play some far cry 3 but not sure about with Mrs Tigs. Maybe the Marvelous Miss Take

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