What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Yup, it's a picture of Scythe again.

Board games are back on the menu.

While Australia doesn't mark Thanksgiving as a holiday to celebrate, there are plenty of Aussies who use the weekend as an excuse to celebrate. Sometimes it's an Americanised weekend, sometimes it's not.

But it is a great chance to get together. And that's what I'll be doing with a bunch of friends on Sunday, playing a stack of good board games and eating way too much food to mark the occasion. Scythe, understandably, will get a good run. I'd expect Dixit or Mysterium to pop up as well, although I'd quite like to give Camel Up a run if possible.

Beyond that, I'll probably play a bit of Destiny here and there. I'll probably browse through some of the Steam sales and pick up Endless Space 2 this weekend, since I've been waiting all year for that.

What will you be playing this weekend?


    Witcher 3 - i am determined to finish this thing this time, i am only 1/3 way through.
    MLB the show 16
    Titanfall 2

    I'm thinking that it's either going to be Megaman Zero 1 - 4, Earthbound Beginnings or Breath of Fire.

    More Dark souls.... this game man... it just consumes you when you start doesnt it

    Clank!, Fuji Flush, Taj Mahal, maybe some Mombasa, and whatever other games come up

    I screwed up and brought some games with the XBOX Black Friday sale, so either Pokemon Moon, finishing my Resident Evil Zero hard run, Resident Evil 4, Hitman or One Piece Burning Blood.

      screwed up lived your best life

      In all seriousness, let me know how Burning Blood goes. Keeping a sneaky eye on that, given how much fun I had with Pirate Warriors last year.

        I didn't play it but Pirate Warriors was a Dynasty Warriors style 'fight your way through a thousand grunts' type game, right? Burning Blood is closer to Tekken. It's got a branching path campaign and levelling but the gameplay is straight up one on one fighting (with 1-3 people teams). It's a lot of fun and the roster seems huge enough to do One Piece justice.

        I'd definitely recommend Burning Blood if you like One Piece or fighters, but if you want a Warriors style game with a fun setting you'd probably be better off with Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U/3DS or Dragon Quest Heroes on the PS4/PS3/PC.

    Factorio. Doing the "craft not more than 111 items manually" challenge.

    Grabbed XCOM 2 on PS4 with all DLC, so will be having a sleepless weekend.

    5PM cant come fast enough.

      I've loved every X-COM since the original (ok, maybe Enforcer and Inteceptor sucked) so I'm really hoping the PS4 port of this does it justice.

    What is the deal with Hitman?

    Are all the episodes out now?

    If I buy it on Steam during the sale, I should be set right?

      All episodes are available now yes. That said, they are advertised as "season 1" so there may be another season of levels added as DLC at a later date.

    Picked up The Witcher 3 & Farcry: Primal on the Xbox Black Friday sales. I'm about 10 hours into The Witcher 3... I am going to sink a LOT of time into this game, absolutely brilliant so far.

    Watch Dogs 2.
    I also picked up Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dishonoured 2 (I refuse to spell it without the U) this morning from Target so maybe some of that.
    Off to stay the night at the parentals tomorrow so I'll play some more Pokémon Sun too.

    Pokemon Sun, Dishonored 2, and Minecraft - working on building a Wither kill-room so I can start getting some nether stars. Got the obsidian I need, but really need to figure out a more automated way to get wither skulls...

    I am going down the rabbit hole in breeding competitive pokemon. Tapu koko and pelipper drizzle opener into raichu tzareena or raichu kingdra. Still not sure of my 6th yet

    Rolling up a d&d character for my housemate's first go at DMing. Gonna cleric the shit out of everything. Other than that, pokemans and maybe drunkenly playing through Resident Evil 5 to see if I can remember anything about speedrunning that game in co-op

    More witcher 3 blood and wine, will be sad when its all over

    Will then either pick up rollercoaster planet, dishonored 2 or maby gta5 for pc.
    Played gta5 on ps3 but have been keen to play it on PC for awhile, just dont know if its worth replaying the campaign again as im not too keen on the multiplayer aspect of it.

    Revenge of Shinobi. OG Mega Drive baby. I'm away so the missus is sorting out some Target gaming bargains for me. They'll have to wait until next weekend.

    Well I've just bought Titanfall 2 - also I just entered the Catacombs of Carthus and compared the original Catacombs they are roomy!

    Now that Season 2 of Overwatch is over I can take a break from it. I bought Vermintide and would look through that. Anybody want to co-op this game on PS4?

    Still playing Titanfall 2 and got back into Pokemon Y. Up to the 8th badge, figured I might as well get through to the end of the League to finally finish it.

    I bought Uncharted 4 & XCOM 2 on PSN last night.
    Picked up Deus Ex & Titanfall 2 from Target over lunch.
    Also ordered Atelier Sophie and Witcher 3 GOTY from Ozgameshop today.
    Annnnnnd i'm only about 20 hours or so into Skyrim.

    I honestly have no idea where to start.

    Overwatch - getting some more coins in preparation for the inevitable Christmas event.

    Deux Ex Mankind Divided - enjoying it very much so far (about 20-30 hours in).

    Lumines Electronic Symphony on PS Vita - never knew the game could be this trance-inducing.

    Not playing Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni, but if I were, I'd be up to about Drive 9 or so and learning the finer points of the combos and phantom manoeuvres.

    I went to Big W to pick up Titanfall 2 because of the sale but they didn't have it (might check another one later tonight). I was keen to give that a run. Otherwise I've gotten into Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze after it has sat on my shelf for two years - it's great. Oh and Dishonoured 2.

    Dishonored 2. Plus I'll be going back to play GTA V as I'm still only about 8 hours in.

    Plus the usual multiplayer, R6: Siege, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1.

    Oh, and Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator thanks to the Playstation Black Friday sales

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