What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Weekends are for resting and relaxation. And for a small period in my case, they will also be about board games.

It's been a long time since I've played Scythe, and I'm looking forward to playing some more of it on the weekend. I'll be celebrating a close friend's birthday, and we'll be doing so with some nice board games.

So, Scythe is on the list. And potentially a few others as well, depending how late proceedings go. I'm keen to play some Mothership again with fresh faces, and a few rounds of Set wouldn't hurt either.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Might give Sonic Mania another shot.

    Have no skill with the game whatsoever, but its basically a return to a tried and true formula and is still entertaining despite my arse being constantly being kicked into the next post code.

    A bit of Pokken but mostly Destiny 2. I have the next week off so might get to the (massive) backlog, but we'll see if I can escape the Destiny hamster wheel

    Depending upon the result of tonight's AFL preliminary final, I'll either be playing Horizon Zero Dawn or killing myself.

      So... Richmond supporter I assume?

      Edit: Gotta be Cats then.

      Last edited 22/09/17 12:50 pm

        Richmond play tomorrow night. I've had butterflies in my stomach for 2 weeks... wish it was 4:45pm Saturday already!

          Whoops. Shows how much I've been paying attention since the Bombers bowed out of the finals...

        Crows :P

          Well I'll just see myself out then... I had the choice between all 4 sides and didn't nail the correct one.

            I reckon you would have got there eventually :P

    Pillars of Eternity & PES 2018 for me, still not sure if the latter is better or worse than last years, feels a little from column A & B.

      Yeah, I'm having a similar reaction to it. Enjoying it but not sure it feels as good as 2017. Also finding it a little on the easy side, weirdly.

        Yes - totally know what you mean about the easy side, I seem to be able to score almost at will!? The only thing stopping me moving up to the top difficulty is that I seem to really struggle to stop the AI scoring too so a lot of my games are ending up with scores of 5-2/4-3 etc. I'm 2nd in the prem equiv on master league in my first season in the top div (got promoted in first season) - my highest rated player is a 16 year old striker at 77 so it's not like i have a team of Messi's.

        With last years game the AI only ever seemed to score past me from corners (on my preferred difficulty - which was 2 levels lower than im playing on 2018), but i also had to fight to score every single goal and 1-0 wins were pretty typical.

        Still enjoying 2018 but... dunno? Think it just needs a few tweaks here and there - I *think* to the defenders/defending mainly and definitely to the keepers - and it'd be killer/definitely better?

          Having said that, I am finding the keepers to be extraordinary. Without them I'd routinely be scoring 7, 8, 9 a game. They pull off some freakish saves.

            They do - some of the amazing near post triple saves are driving me crazy. And then they let in a 30 yard bobbler!

              Haha yep. Every now and then they inexplicably go missing after being ninjas for 75 minutes.

    If I have time left over between watching footy finals & 6 year old birthday parties, I'll try fit in some Elite:Dangerous. Otherwise I'll be trying to attack my massive backlog, Dishonored is next up.

    Maybe some Blood Bowl with my daughter. I recently finished painting my Wood Elves and have just stripped a mates Dark Elves that he painted (badly) over 20 years ago. Might do some undercoating and base coating.

    Monopoly or Overcooked with the kids.

    Madden 18 franchise mode (Cowboys!).

    Civ Rev 2, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Miku Diva X or PDf2nd.

    Uncharted - TLL tonight, with micro breaks to check the footy score on my phone.

    Destiny 2 - hopefully can coax a raid group together, but otherwise will be just working through milestones. Really hope they bring back some other options for the 265+ endgame, tho - nightfalls are super-quick one-and-done affairs, so if you don't have a raid team, it's basically limited to public events for the Flashpoint (and Titan has only 2 public events with a lot of downtime between them) and adventures for Clan XP milestones.

    Deus Ex will be my primary
    Maybe Vermintide if I my friend is online

    Destiny and hopefully a full weekend of Dance Dance Revolution at the Arcade!

    Divinity OS 2! So good. Also have Dishonored DotO installed but that will wait until im done with DOS2.

    Steamworld Dig 2, PES 2018 and Destiny 2.

    And crying about last night's football result is a game I will also be playing. :(

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