Daigo Uses Sixth Sense To Block Sonic Booms, Wins Tournament

Daigo Umehara is a legend when it comes to fighting games. Referred to sometimes as Daigo "The Beast" Umehara, the pro Street Fighter V player didn't exactly need to win the European Regional Finals to qualify for Capcom's Pro Tour. He would have gotten in on points alone. But that didn't stop him from comfortably winning most of his matches and going on to take first place in the tournament at Milan Games Week.

Although he faced Arman "Phenom" Hanjani in the grand finals, someone who has also already qualified for the tour, one of Daigo's more stunning moments came in an earlier match-up against ImStillDaDaddy during the Top 16.

The series went 2-1 in Daigo's favour, despite a good performance from ImStillDaDaddy, who finished fourth overall. And looking at the above finish, you can see why. ImStillDaDaddy is a master of Guile's sonic boom, but Daigo's Ryu wasn't having it, somehow blocking all of them in the final moments of the match even as his opponent tried to come at him from the other side.

You can watch the complete set between ImStillDaDaddy and Daigo below. The North American Region Finals will be held at the beginning of November in Seattle.


    I'm sure I'm missing something. Are they hard to block or something?

      I think because they were shot in quick succession and then the player jumped over him to attack from the right side, Daigo had to block them on his left before dealing with the other player on the right in a short amount of time

      Last edited 17/10/16 11:05 am

        It looked like he launched three of them while Ryu was down, then walked into them and launched a fourth which was also blocked.

          Oh, I see, it's the fourth one that was the tricky one, since it was at point-blank range as Guile was walking forward and jumping over. I would have spotted the jump and turned around or tried an uppercut or something and been hit by the sonic boom.

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