Voice Actors Within The Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation Are On Strike

Voice Actors Within The Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation Are On Strike

Following an announcement on Monday, voice actors within the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists have begun their strike against certain video game employers as of 3:01 AM EST today. Kotaku has reached out to the involved parties.

Check out the announcement here, and more news here.


  • ANNNNDDDDD They don’t understand Video Games….

    Oh, there not going to voice our games? Ok, we will just get someone else in another country to voice the lines, then send them to us over the Internet.

    Writes can’t really be replace. Voice acting on the other hand….

    • What do you mean? Voice acting can make or break a character and if your game puts any weight on its story the characters in it will be very important.

      The working conditions for even well known voice actors are often pretty bad for comparatively little reward, I wish all involved good luck on getting a better deal for themselves.

    • Have you ever called a call centre? The reason exporting certain services overseas is due to economic conditions in non English speaking countries.

      Good luck finding a pool of talented English fluent actors there.

      Even Japan who has an amazing voice acting industry often fails kind of embarrassingly from an outsider perspective when they have people speak English.

      Beyond all of that, honestly big companies should treat their employees well and we should push for that.

      How would you feel if your boss decided to fire you and hire someone cheaper? Or worked you so hard on one day that you couldn’t physically work the rest of the week, then pays you for a single day.

      Anyone who understands video games knows the entire industry desperately needs some major reforms and these are a pretty minor point to start with.

  • Well I will step in. Though I only do one voice and I’ve been told it’s irritating to listen to, I will work for early access…….

  • who really thinks voice actors should be overworked to the point if damage to their throat?
    It’s so bad I think really gamers should join in and boycott buying games.

    • Because they’re big babies. If J.R. Hayes can scream like an animal for an hour straight every night for 6 months and scream well enough for the crowd to hear him without a microphone and still sing and talk fine, these people doing normal voices will survive just fine. They just want to work less and get paid the same amount.

  • I would love this to mean that some British voice actors can get more work in video games. I always feel that the British accent works great in fantasy settings like some RPGs. I do feel bad that these voice actors might be getting overworked and straining their voices. But if they are complaining about money then they can pack up and go home. They are literally the least important part of video games in my opinion. I will happily play games without voice acting. Most of the games I do play don’t have good voice acting anyways. So I don’t really have much attachment to voice acting in games. I liked the good old days of reading text and using my imagination.

    • play the witcher 3 it show perfectly how good voice acting is a huge part of immersion and brings the story/characters to life.

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